You’re an awesome friend

Hey friend 🙂

Guess what?

We’ve been friends for eight years! Can you believe it?

It feels like just yesterday when we went for our first lunch date and laughed like we’d known each other for years.

Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in what seems to be a dark world filled with dishonest people. Your optimism, honesty and good nature is something that I appreciate immensely. You have pretty much restored my faith in good and healthy relationships.

I appreciate the fact that our friendship is real and not built on pretence or selfish intent. It’s difficult to find sincere people who want to build loving relationships. You’re an awesome person with a good heart, and I am blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you for standing by me through the rough years when bad break-ups, death in my family and work challenges were dampening my spirit. You were my pillar of strength, and I think that depression would have driven me to premature death had it not been for your support.

Thank you for the awesome times that we’ve had. Whether we’re chilling on the couch with pizza and Netflix or painting the town red until the sun comes up, every moment that I spend with you makes my heart full.

I love the fact that you’re 100% honest with me. You challenged me to hold myself at higher standard at a time when I was willing to compromise for scraps, be it in a job or a relationship. It was a painful process, but you held my hand through it.

You put me in line whenever I was late for an appointment, teaching me the value of being on time.

You taught me how to forgive and not hold grudges. You’re imperfect, and at times, you get on my nerves, but love won’t allow me to hold on to your mistakes.

You showed me what loyalty is by standing by me even when I was a pest. I can be myself and drop my guard when I’m with you because I know that you love me even with my imperfections. You see me for who I am, and you choose to be my companion.

You’re here with me because you’re genuinely interested in me as a person. I have nothing besides my love and time to give, and you’re happy with that.

So my friend, please know that I love and appreciate you so much.

Here’s to many more awesome years of friendship as I continue to love you the best way I can.

* image from Pexels.

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