Have you ever experienced the near-horror feeling of not knowing what gift to buy a loved one on a special occasion?

I have, and I must say that this is something that one could lose a little bit of sleep over, especially if you want to give the person in question something really special and useful.

Not knowing what to give someone as a gift is something I call gift-giving block, and it is caused by two main things:

Either you don’t know the person you want to give a gift to well enough to know what they really want, or that person has all they need, so anything else that they receive will probably end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in their home or they’ll give it away to someone else.

A simple solution to the problem of gift-giving block is gift cards.


Gift cards are the best thing to have happened to the modern world because firstly, no one (in their right mind at least) will ever decline an extra bit cash to splurge on whatever they want, and secondly, you don’t run the risk of buying someone a silly gift that will only be discarded after it being unwrapped.

The trick to making sure that your gift card is a present that will be appreciated by the person you’re giving it to is to make sure that it’s from a store or a place that they really like. So, if it’s your best friend’s birthday and they really love shopping, get them a gift card from their favourite fashion store. And if you have a coffee lover in your life, a gift card from their favourite coffee establishment will make them very happy.

If you have siblings or friends that are students, they’ll definitely welcome clothing or food gift cards, especially after a long semester filled with notes, textbooks and surviving on noodles and tomato sauce.

Gift cards are always appreciated by their recipients, and you can be assured that you’re giving someone a gift that they can use and enjoy.

Keep this in mind as you go gift hunting for the holidays or for someone’s special occasion 🙂

*image from Tumblr.


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