*raises hand* “Ma’am, may I please go to the girls’ bathroom”? I asked, desperately needing to urinate.

“Yes, but please hurry up”, Mrs. Krijnauw, my 6th grade English teacher replied.

I nervously get up from my seat as I knew that I was taking a big risk by going to the girls’ bathroom unaccompanied by a friend.

I stand outside by the door for a few seconds, contemplating whether or not I should enter. But I can’t escape the pangs of my bladder. I know that I would pee in my pants if I don’t use the toilet in the next 5 minutes.

Besides, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

I pretty sure all the stories that I’ve been hearing of girls being attacked by the ghost named Pinky Pinky are all lies. The schoolgirls say that Pinky Pinky is a hermaphrodite ghost that lives in the girls’ bathroom. They claim that it attacks young girls who are by themselves in the bathroom, with special preference for those that wear pink underwear.

I don’t believe any of this, but just to be on the safe side, I’ll sing a gospel song to ward off any bad spirits that could be chilling in one of the cubicles.

*opens bathroom door and walks in*

See, nothing’s wrong. Let me quickly use the toilet and get outta here.

Someone’s humming a tune that I can’t clearly hear. It’s very soft and faint, which is weird because I didn’t see anyone in any of the cubicles.

I’m not feeling very comfortable. The tune sounds eerie, and it’s giving me goose bumps. I’m starting to feel a bit dizzy. Maybe my body is in shock because I needed to pee so badly.

The humming is getting louder, and it sounds like an echo of a woman singing. The sound is hypnotizing, like a lullaby and I’m starting to feel sleepy. I can’t exactly hear the words of the song, but it sounds like the singer is trying to tell me something.

Out of the humming, all I can hear is “hello little girl. Welcome to my world”.

I then start to see a shadow; a weirdly-figured body with arms that waved gently as if being pushed by a breeze. That’s when I knew that I had to leave the bathroom. Something strange is going on and I am scared.

Walking out of the cubicle is so difficult because my legs are numb from fear. I eventually make it out and lean on the basin for balance. My heart is beating so fast that I’m struggling to hear anything except its loud thump.

As I am about to walk towards the door to leave the bathroom, a pale, wrinkled hand reaches out from behind me. The bathroom then becomes stuffy, making it difficult to breathe. In a menacing voice that has male and female tones, the thing says, “now that I’ve introduced myself, would you like to play with me?”


Adrenaline immediately shoots through my body, resulting in a deafening shriek and a bolt for the door from me.

I don’t stop running and screaming until I get to my class, and in a panic, Mrs. Krijnauw asks me what’s wrong.

“It’s Pinky Pinky!!!”, I shriek while crying uncontrollably.

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*Dailypost WordPress.


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