The year is 2080 and I am a superhero fighting in the war against the outer space monsters to save the world from total destruction.

The weapon I have is the size of a modern day smartphone, and I decided to put my weapon in my handbag. I see the enemy approaching me, and I immediately reach into my bag to get my weapon.

The only problem is that my handbag is filled with so many other things – make-up, tissues, papers and stacks of other things – that it is almost impossible to find my weapon. I rummage through my bag, frantically searching for my weapon while the enemy is getting closer and closer to me.

In a panic, I throw out all the contents of my bag to the floor because it is the only way I can find my weapon. And there it is, lying in a pile of miscellaneous items that somehow accumulated in my bag. The enemy is now in front of me, shaking their head at how much inconvenience I caused for myself by carrying a handbag in a time of alien invasion.


I believe that handbags are breeding ground for unnecessary items.

In my handbag, I would find old till slips, thousands of make-up products, tissues, lotion bottles, diaries and my purse (which also had its own set of miscellaneous items). Things would just get lost in it, and it would always hurt my shoulders carrying my bag around because it was so heavy.

So one day, I decided to do away my big handbag.

At first, I thought that I would struggle without it because I believed that I needed everything that was in it.

I was wrong.

On an average day, all you need is your mobile phone, drivers’ license, bank card and medical aid card in case of emergencies. And perhaps some lip moisturizer since having dry lips is both uncomfortable and unattractive. Everything else is merely miscellaneous items that you can do without.

When going to work, you don’t even need a handbag. All you need is your laptop bag with your laptop, diary, pen, wallet, mobile phone, sanitary pad container and some Shea butter that you can use to moisturize your hands and your lips, as well as a lunch bag for your lunch.

Because you don’t need so much stuff in a bag, you can get a small sling bag to store your cards and mobile phone. A small sling bag means less weight to carry around because big bags tend to get heavy and quite burdensome, and less effort because you merely throw the small sling bag across your body and go on about your business.

So ladies, I encourage you to ditch big handbags and learn to travel as light as possible, carrying only the things you need for the day.

*image from Daily Record.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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