Dear Staff

I’m finding it quite confusing that I have to send out an email of this nature to mature adults.

Surely housekeeping in the workplace shouldn’t be an issue, but it is.


So, as from today, please abide the below rules regarding housekeeping:

If you happen to mess while making hot beverages or preparing food in the kitchen, please clean up after yourself. There are dish cloths which you can use to wipe up spills and messes, and there are dustbins available in the kitchen to throw away waste.

It is unacceptable that the kitchen looks like it has been invaded by rats during peak food-making hours, which is in the morning and during lunch. Also, such a mess is breeding ground for germs, so please take a minute to clean your messes.

For goodness sake, stop keeping used mugs at your desk. Doing this results in there being less mugs available throughout the day for people to use when wanting to make tea or coffee. It takes less than a minute to walk to the cafeteria to place your dirty mug in the dishwasher. I’ve received countless complaints about mugs being too few, and there’s not much I can do about it other than to ask you to return all dirty mugs to the kitchen.

Please stop wasting tea and coffee by making a cup and deciding after that you no longer feel like a hot beverage. This is wasteful, especially considering that tea and coffee is provided at expense of the company for your benefit. If this continues, the company will stop offering tea and coffee, meaning you will have to bring your own.

I’ve received numerous complaints about food being taken from the company refrigerator. There is a proverb that says, “Don’t take things that don’t belong to you”. This applies to lunches stored in the fridge. Please don’t take other people’s food. Not only is it rude and extremely childish, but it is theft. Don’t make me put a security camera in the fridge as a safety precaution.

Please do not eat left-over food that is stored in the kitchen or in the fridge. It is not for your consumption. Just yesterday, a breakfast platter of croissants and muffins was cleaned out by you lot in the cafeteria, which is unacceptable. I will be checking security camera footage to catch the gluttonous perpetrators responsible, and they will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. This constitutes as theft because no one was permitted to take the food items from the platter.

Please note that the company provides cereals, bread and sandwich fillings for your convenience for breakfast and lunch. You are only permitted to make breakfast between 08:30 and 08:45 and lunch between 13:00 and 14:00. No food will be made outside of these hours. If you want to eat outside of the stipulated hours, please be advised to bring your own food.  Teas and coffees can be made throughout the day.

Please keep the toilets neat and tidy. Always flush the toilet after use for hygiene purposes. And please use the toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl should you create a huge mess after the natural process of defecation. It’s only fair to leave the toilet in a clean state for the next person. There are air fresheners available should a need arise for them to be used.

Please park in your designated parking bay. Do not irritate your fellow colleagues by taking their parking bay. There are enough issues in a work day to deal with, and parking shouldn’t be one of them.

I would encourage all of you to take housekeeping seriously because having a clean and organized space improves productivity and employee morale.

If anything is unclear, please come speak to me.


The Office Manager.

*image from Creative Commons.

*Dailypost WordPress.


    1. Yea hey! You won’t believe how many times colleagues took food out of the fridge that didn’t belong to them. Now people in the office use the fridge to keep water and milk for coffee… so crazy!

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