Once upon a time, after the creation of the earth and the establishment of night and day, the people of the earth and the animals began to complain to Modimo, The Great One, about the darkness of night time.

The earth had no light when the night sky fell, making it difficult for people to move around in their homes and for animals see their way in the forest. Even with firelight, people still collided into objects, and the vision of animals was so impaired that hunting for food and enjoying leisure time in the forest became difficult.

Modimo, The Great One, saw the discomfort on earth and was displeased. He became especially concerned over the injuries suffered by people and animals due to the lack of light. This led Him to seek the help of all in the galaxy.

Modimo decided to meet with the moons, stars, planets and the sun to find a solution to the night time’s excessive darkness over the earth.

The sun suggested that it grow bigger in size to simultaneously reach all the ends of the earth, providing never ending light. All the others in the galaxy agreed; however Modimo expressed reservation, saying that the sun’s heat would be too unbearable for life on earth.

He noted that sun’s illumination on the earth would be a good idea; however, a buffer would be needed to capture its heat to keep the cool temperature of night time.

This struck a chord with the moon, who excitedly said that he would be the perfect one to help. Since he already spends so much time with his companion, the earth, he would use his grey colour to reflect the sun’s rays during night-time, providing much needed light to people and animals, while acting as a buffer to the sun’s heat.

The entire galaxy agreed with the moon, much to Modimo’s delight.

And so, the next night, the moon reflected the sun’s rays and shone bright light over the earth. When the people and animals saw the bright light of the moon, they celebrated and thanked Modimo, The Great One, for hearing their cries.


To express his gratitude to the moon, Modimo increased the sun’s illumination on the moon’s surface, making the moon the most beautiful and prominent feature of the night sky.

To this day, the moon continues to shine brightly, bringing light to the darkness of the night.

*image from Creative Commons.

*DailyPost WordPress.


    1. Hey 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the piece. This is from Setswana mythology in Southern Africa; my grandmother told me the story when I was little 🙂

  1. Wow! It is always great to read cultural stories! This story is so sweet, I am going to read it to my little cousins 🙂

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