My heart really goes out to you because I believe that no one should sacrifice over 200 days of a year working at a job that depletes their soul.

You look so depressed right now. You haven’t smiled wholeheartedly in months because you spend the majority of your time in a place that makes you miserable.


You can’t remember the last time you felt passionate about your work. Even in conversation, you always go on about how bored you are at work and spend more time goofing off on social media and the internet than actually doing your tasks.

I’ve never seen anyone who dreads Mondays the way you do. It’s like your world comes to an end every Sunday night, and the thought of facing another work week is just unbearable.

You spend at least 10 minutes every morning in the parking lot meditating and praying for the strength to go through the day and for the emotional intelligence to deal with your boss.

I’ve heard so many complaints about your boss that I could write a book on bad bosses. Working for a micromanaging and passive aggressive manager who has no idea on how to lead a team, let alone do his work properly, must be difficult. And the fact that you learn about your manager’s expectations after the fact sets you back as you’re always placed in a reactive position, making mistakes that could have easily been prevented and delivering sub-standard work as a result.

I can’t believe that you know labour law inside out! You match everything that your manager says to the rules in the labour law document because you don’t trust him.

You no longer go out of your way to contribute creatively to work because your boss never takes any of your suggestions into consideration. You go through the day doing the bare minimum of work just to keep your boss’ mouth shut and to prevent being fired.

I’m glad though that you like your colleagues. Sure, you don’t go out of your way to know them as you would with a friend, but at least you do the bare minimum of being humane by being friendly and respectful.

Lunch times are the most liberating part of your day. You feel free, for a while, from the bondage of corporate slavery, and come 5pm, you sprint out of the office so much so that you could totally compete with Usain Bolt and win the race.

You’re such a ball of energy and creativity, and all of that switches off as soon as you step into the office. You turn into this weird, impersonal machine, and it’s not like you do it on purpose. It just happens as soon as you step into the building.

But I think that at the heart of it, you hate your job because it detracts you from your overall career objectives. You’re not getting any younger, so whatever you do needs to align with your career goals.

So, I’d advise you to get your ducks in a row, quit as soon as possible and find a job that matches your career objectives, or take the plunge into entrepreneurship and start your own business.

There’s no way you can stay in a job that makes you unhappy.

*image from Care2 and Rap-Up.

*DailyPost WordPress.


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