Dude, the love you have for your job is actually quite phenomenal.

It’s rare to see someone so happy with what they do, considering that there are tons of people that loathe their jobs and work merely to survive.


You never stop talking about your projects and the cool company you work for. In fact, that’s all we see on your social media timelines and all you talk about when we meet up for coffee. The things you tell me about your projects and your company’s work culture makes me feel like my job is whack.

You probably jump out of bed every morning because you can’t wait to get to work and put your ideas into action. In fact, all you think about during your spare time is your work. It gets your creative juices flowing. You come up with the craziest ideas for projects while showering or from hearing one line from your favourite song.

I can’t believe that your boss had to force you to take your annual leave because you didn’t want to take a break. You said that you’d rather be at work than take leave because you’d be totally bored while chilling at home or at some beach resort somewhere. That’s insane.

You describe your boss as an awesome person to work with. She sounds more like your mentor than your manager, and you like the fact that she’s way smarter than you and has the patience to guide you along your career journey. All she requires is that you adhere to deadlines, submit high quality work and answer her calls. She doesn’t fuss about how many hours you work and whether or not you’re in the office.

And how is it that you’re never bored with your work? You’re happy that you’re challenged every day, and that no one day is the same. That’s awesome because monotony really sucks, and depletes the soul.

I’m glad that your work has opened your eyes to the world, and that you realize that it’s far bigger than you. Your job has given you greater perspective on your life and your potential, and has pretty much carved out a definite career path for you, especially considering that you had no idea what to do with your life while you were still studying.

You’re passionate about what you do, and that’s important because you have a fire that will keep burning regardless of where you work. You will continue to create and inspire others, and do great things for your current company because of your passion.

So I say congratulations to you for being brave enough to go after your dreams and for finding a space to live them out.

Don’t take it for granted because doing what you love is not only a rare and precious gift, but a privilege that only in a few in this world get to experience.

*image from Lifehack.

*Dailypost WordPress.



  1. To some the nature of their job is a discouragement but to others that same job condition and nature is a motivation.

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