I think it’s time we had a discussion about your future at this company. Please, have a seat.


Firstly, I must say that you’re a great person to work with because of your determination, commitment and high work ethic, which is great because working having great talent is a major part of building a successful business.

That’s a great starting point.

As a manager, I love the fact that you know your job and you do it well. All your tasks are done excellently and you always meet deadline, no matter how tight it is. You understand the importance of teamwork as you’re always encouraging your team members to do their best, especially in the midst of pressure, because your bottom line is making sure that the work is done, that client is happy and that the business flourishes.

You’re a great team player, and a genuine cool person to work with. Thank you for coming up with cool team building ideas, like mandatory birthday cake and treat sessions, Friday lunches and YouTube Playlist Playoffs. Those things really boost the morale of the team and create an enjoyable work space. I’ve now learned how to compile a kick-ass YouTube playlist.

You’ve actually contributed to this company’s growth over the last three years. If it wasn’t for your creativity and your courage to take risks, we wouldn’t have been a game changer in our field.

This resulted in you taking on more work, and I know that this hasn’t been easy considering all the late hours you put in and the high levels of stress you endured, but you took it all in your stride without expecting any other reward other than producing the best work.

I appreciate the fact that you challenge me. You never back down from what you believe to be forward-thinking and innovative no matter how many times is say no to you. Geniuses are always thought of as mad because people are fearful of change, but I’m glad that I took a chance on your ingenuity because I learned that anything is possible if you just try.

I’ve never heard you complain about a problem you’re encountering with a task. You’ve always been solution driven, and I commend that because it puts me at ease knowing that you have that part of the fort handled.

I had to kick your butt into gear though, because you used to be very forgetful and you used to come to work late. I’m glad that you take critique and implement accordingly.

I’ve noticed that you’ve tailored your work attire to include jeans and a white shirt or a grey t-shirt and comfortable shoes. That’s interesting and impressive, considering that the most successful people don’t waste their energy on figuring out what to wear to work every morning.

So, taking all I’ve said into consideration, I think you’re more than ready for a promotion into a management position.

Are you ready to change gear and step into the next phase of your career?

*Image from Bustle.

*DailyPost WordPress.


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