Have you ever opened your closest while getting ready and spent a considerable amount of time staring at your clothes because you had no idea what to wear?

Or how about going through your clothes and feeling totally uninspired by what you have?

I believe that this is Mother Fashion’s way of telling you that your style is in need of a total overhaul.

Other symptoms of the need for style reinvention include feeling out of touch with your style, being completely bored of it and being quite tired of having to put yourself on and taking yourself off every single day.

Added to that, the modern-day busy lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for figuring out how to look like a top model from a style blog every morning.

Style reinvention isn’t as simplistic as it seems.

It requires going back to the drawing board to evaluate where you are in your life, your likes and dislikes, changes with your body and perhaps your personality, and your ultimate goals with your style. Once you’ve figured out the premise on which you can build your style, sifting through thousands of fashion trends on the market will become focused and therefore a lot easier.

The process of style reinvention isn’t quick and easy. It’s been 3 years since I embarked on my style reinvention journey. It’s taken a while because in these 3 years, I’ve gone through a myriad of physical changes from being overweight and using clothes to hide my body, to being lean and healthy and trying to figure out what looks good on me for both work and leisure purposes. I also realized that my taste in fashion has changed considerably over the 3-year period, and I’m more conscious of the fact that what I wear communicates a lot about my where I am in my life and what I want to portray to the world.

So, during this process where you’re evaluating your style based on your personal changes, you’ll need a style placeholder.

A style placeholder consists of wearing a simple outfit made up of fashion items that never go out of style. The great benefit of a placeholder is that it is effortless, minimizing time spent on getting ready in the morning, and the minimalistic look of a style placeholder is not only trendy, but makes you look stress-free and uncluttered.

For spring and summer, a classic style placeholder would be pairing blue jeans with a white t-shirt for leisure purposes and a white shirt for the office. Top it off with a pair of heels, sandals or sneakers, and you’re good to go. You can switch up the look with black or white jeans, and for a quick professional pick-me-up, slip on a blazer.


For autumn and winter, black, grey, beige and white are my go-to colours as they are easy to mix and match and create an effortless minimalistic look. Staple items include a trench coat, jeans, ankle or knee-length boots and a cardigan for those temperate days. Scarfs and head wear are good accessories to play around with as they add a dash of interest to your outfit with their pop of colour or different texture and design.


Make sure that you have a little black or white dress for those special days or nights out with friends or a date. You can never go wrong with the minimalistic and effortless LBD or LWD.


A style placeholder goes a long way as a tide-me-over for when you’re reinventing your style. It’s effortless, super stylish, and could very well end up being the premise from which you build your new style.

*images from Mr. Price, Daily Mail, Pinterest, Bonang Matheba and Sharon Mundia.

*DailyPost WordPress.


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