Communication in the 21st century has evolved from sending letters and telegraphs to sending emails, instant messages and keeping connected through social media.

Living in this century means learning these 25 things about modern communication:


If you don’t have a mobile phone, it means you’re living under a rock or on a remote tropical island with no need for human contact

WIFI and data bundles have become more important than having airtime for making calls

There are a lot of social networking sites! *holds head in confusion*

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check your email and social media networks

Entry level 21st century communication expects that you’re on Facebook

And you’re at least on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

You post to these networks frequently and use them to get news and information

You’ve made at least one stupid post, such as “I’m on the toilet” or “my boyfriend is so lame”

Sometimes seeing your friends’ posts about a new job, their wedding day or their vacation makes you feel like you’re going nowhere in life

Hashtags are everything because that’s how people find your messages and how you find information

People abuse hashtags *#thispostissoawesomeandeveryoneisgonnaloveit*

You’ve flirted with someone online

Who would’ve thought that a relationship is officiated once the Facebook relationship status is updated?

Do you even have hardcopy photo albums besides the ones from your childhood?

You can’t resist the urge to take selfies

Profiles pictures are an art that everyone strives to perfect

You actually speak in text language. Your laugh is now replaced by saying the word “lol”

Emoticons are just as important as the written word in a text message or status update as they have meaning

You expect an instant reply when chatting via text and get super annoyed with people who take long to answer their messages

You’ve became obsessed with checking for the blue tick on WhatsApp as it shows that someone has read your message, and you check when someone was last online out of interest

Snooping on your partner has extended to going through messages and status updates on their social media profiles

Your social media profile can make or break your career as recruiters go through your profiles and companies fire you for posting dumb shit on social media

Who would’ve thought that spring cleaning would extend to your email inbox after seeing that you have 1000 unread emails?

When you break up with someone, it includes deleting them off your social media networks

You can actually tell a lot about someone’s life by going through their timelines because people divulge so much of their lives on social media.

*image from Wikipedia.

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