Fashion is something that we encounter from the time that we’re babies. Our moms dress us up and always make sure that we look cute and cuddly. From the time that we take control over our wardrobes, we experience the ups and downs of trying to figure out who we are, what we like and what looks good on our bodies.


It takes time and maturity to find your style in the busy world of fashion. These are 25 things you’ll discover along your fashion journey by 25:

Your fashion sense will either be awesome or dismal by 25

You’ll experience a number of fashion stages from the time you enter into your teen years. These include:

The rebel phase *you’ve probably gotten rid of your neon-coloured tongue ring already*

The jeans and t-shirt phase *especially during assignment and exam time in varsity*

The dressed-like-a-tree-hugging-hippie phase *add in the hookah and the occasional ditching of lectures to complete the phase*

The hip-hop phase fully kitted with Timberland boots, trucker caps and baggy jeans * you honestly believed you were a hip-hop star*

The expensive-labels-only phase *when you thought that expensive means well-dressed*

The street-style fashionista phase *no trend ever missed you*

The vintage clothing phase *you probably raided thrift stores and your grandma’s closet when going through this phase*

And now, you’re probably in the throw-whatever-pops-out-of-the-closet phase because you’re honestly over ‘putting yourself on’ and ‘taking yourself off’ every day

At this stage in your life, you know what works for your body and what doesn’t, and you’ve figured out your personal style

Before, you used to go shopping whenever you felt like it because mommy and daddy were footing the bill. Now, you’re more strategic with your clothing purchases and you have an allocated budget for it

You’ll learn that winter clothes are expensive

But summer clothes are a breeze on the pocket

You’ll place more importance on investing in timeless pieces such as a trench coat, blue and black jeans, white shirts, a blazer or a full black suit and comfortable pairs of heels and sophisticated pumps.

Your job will probably change your taste in clothes *that’s called adulting*

You’ll learn that hair plays a big role in your overall image, and you’ll start to take it seriously

That means staying away from neon-coloured hair dyes, unless if your job allows you to be an eccentric creative

You’ll end up fighting with your jeans as they refuse to go beyond your knees *time to hit the gym*

By this age, you should have a good collection of underwear. No more holding on to loose boxer shorts or ill-fitted bras.

Please ditch the baggy pants. Fitted has always been better.

Under no circumstances should you wear sandals with chaffed, ashy feet and chipped nail polish (if you’re a woman)

Don’t shave all of your eyebrows only to draw them back with an eyebrow pencil. Please.

You’ll eventually come into your own as your learn what looks good on you and which trends work for you

But above all, be comfortable and enjoy all that fashion has to offer.

*image from Zen Magazine Africa.


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