Having a roommate can either be a wonderful experience or sheer horror depending on the type of person you move in with.

Sharing a house with someone other than your direct family will teach you a thing or two about living with people.

Here are 25 things you’ll learn about roommates by 25:


Having a roommate is awkward at first. It’s like living with a new sibling that you never knew you had

As a result, you’ll either love or hate your roommate

You’ll be each other’s closest confidant

But you’ll also get irritated about being in each other’s space everyday

Having a roommate will teach you how to share and how to respect someone else’s personal space

And you’ll learn how to be assertive when your roomie infringes on your personal space and items

You and your roommate will probably start off with the rule “whatever’s mine is yours”

Until someone’s food gets cleaned out or someone’s toothbrush is used

You and your roomie will chat about relationships, family, friends and all things life, which is always good because we all like to have someone to chat with

You’ll learn the importance of setting a communal budget and sticking to it

Delegating chores will probably happen after cockroaches begin bungee-jumping off the huge pile of dirty dishes

You might have to carefully delegate the cooking part based on who’s the better cook

But because both you and your roomie will probably be too lazy to cook, you’ll have the awesome experience of sharing pizza while being couch potatoes

You’ll realize after a while that’s it’s better to have a food budget where everyone contributes to prevent petty fights over the last piece of steak that was in the fridge

You can’t leave a dead-skin ring around the bath-tub anymore because you share a bathroom with someone

And you can’t wear your roomie’s clothes when you’re too lazy to do your laundry

It gets awkward when you hear your roomie having sex in their room while you’re trying to sleep

It’s totally not cool when your roomie’s lover decides to help themselves to breakfast and a long shower when they don’t even contribute to the food and water bill

Now it’s time for you and your roomie to have the sex talk where boundaries are established

Boundaries should include a “no sex with close friends or siblings” policy to prevent excess weirdness in the roommate relationship

And the policy should include “no loud sex” because it’s just awkward to hear

You’ll probably end up being friends with your roomie’s friends, and they’ll probably be friends with yours.

Deciding on which series to watch when you share a TV with your roomie might be a challenge. First dibs on the remote might apply here

Hopefully, you and your roommate will share similar musical tastes. If not, and roomie enjoys blasting weird music on high volume, be patient and open-minded to new music experiences

Having a roommate will teach you how to deal with a different personality, which is a skill you’ll need in the real world.

*image from collider.com.

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