Everybody loves receiving good news.

It’s like sipping on ice cold water after a long and tiring drive in Friday lunchtime traffic in the middle of a Johannesburg heat wave.

Receiving a call from a potential employer telling you that you that you landed the job when you’re on your last penny warrants tears of joy. Or finally hearing the driving instructor say that you’ve passed your drivers’ test and you’re getting your license after failing dozens times calls for a celebration.


We react to good news in very different and quirky ways, and here are 5 distinct excitement reactions that I’ve seen.

The quiet freak-out of joy

This is when you’re in public and you’re trying not to cause a scene by shrieking with excitement. You softly and excitedly say “oh my gosh, oh my gosh…”! while walking around in a circle with your eyes popped out of your socket. It appears as though you will scream at any moment, but you use all your strength not to while remaining in a state of thrill.

The shriek-around

This is when you completely lose your mind in excitement and shriek while running around. All of a sudden, you pick up and twirl the person closest you (yet you struggle to pick up a 1kg weight at the gym). It’s great to sight to see.

The sophisticated gasp

This happens when you gasp after hearing good news and place your perfectly manicured fingers on your chest. This is usually followed by a light and composed laughter that actually wants to break out into a shriek.

The champion

The champion is usually done by those who love sports or are athletes at heart. When they get exciting news, they ball their hands up into fists and swing them around while screaming “yes”!!

Sometimes, the mass excitement causes their face to turn red and the veins on the temple to pop out.

The cry with joy shrieks

This reaction is for the drama queens at heart. When they hear good news, they hold nothing back, shrieking, shaking, hugging everyone in proximity and letting the tears of joy flow until they turn red in the face. They’ll even jump around as if they’re trying to escape from spiders while shrieking in joy.

Whichever reaction you subconsciously go for, make sure you express your excitement because excitement is awesome!

*image from DailyBeast.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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