Every person needs a place of belonging where they will give and receive love, and the family is one such place. By the time you are 25, these are some of the things you’ll learn about family:

You don’t choose your family

But once you become an adult, you do choose your family. You decide on who to marry and how many kids to have

You’ll realize that it’s not by coincidence that you were born into your family

You’ll realize that your family helped shape you into the person that you are today

You’ll realize that your family will be there with you throughout your life


Losing any family member will leave a deep scar in your heart

Some of your friends will become as close as family to you

There will be good times when everyone is getting along; there will be bad times when everyone is fighting with each other, and there will be crazy times when everyone is getting on each other’s nerves

You’ll value your siblings, and they’ll become your closest friends

You’ll realize that your siblings are human too, especially when they start sharing their relationship problems with you

You’ll be happy to have a double bed and a bedroom all to yourself *no more sharing with siblings*

You’ll be happy to receive any hand-me-downs from your parents *budget saver*

Family squabbles will become less petty by 25

Instead of arguing about unwashed dishes, you and your family will have heated debates about customs to follow when getting married

You’ll realize that the first child bears the brunt of parenting experimentation while the last born gets all the pampering

You’ll appreciate the relationship you have with your family when you move out of home

You’ll value holiday season more as you realize that it’s all about enjoying time spent with family

Because you’re out on your own most of the time, you’ll appreciate family gatherings

When you’re at home, someone will always hog the television *eyes parents for news and sports channel hogging*

You’ll still squabble with your siblings about chores when you’re at your parents’ house

And your mother will still expect you to do some chores around the house *misplaces broom*

There’s always that one uncle that everyone avoids when drunk *escapes to a different room*

And your grandmother and aunts will continue to give you a kiss on the lips, hug you vigorously and comment on how much weight you’ve gained *sigh*

Sometimes they will rock up at your place unexpectedly. You’ll either pretend you’re not at home or you’ll let them in and feel frustrated that they didn’t call you first

Always work to keep your relationship with your family healthy because when all is said and done, they’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

*image from Interview.


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