Even though they deny it, men are just as complex as women because they’re human.

Since the beginning of time, women have been trying to wrap their heads around understanding men, and I think it all becomes clearer once you start to understand the men in your life.

But generally speaking, here are 25 things women should know about men:

Patriarchy has been just as damaging to men as it has been to women

Boys do and want to cry because they’re human

Men have been conditioned to not open up about their feelings, so don’t be surprised when it takes long for him to open up to you

Added to that, vulnerability is difficult for anyone, so once he opens up to you, respect his feelings and experiences

Yes, women mature faster than men, this according to science. The explanation is that female brain establishes connections and “prunes” itself faster than the male brain

So don’t be surprised when burps and farts result in raucous laughter, especially in 20-something-year old men

Also, studies found that men generally settle into committed relationships after 30

Interestingly, nature also prepares soon-to-be fathers for parenthood by increasing prolactin and decreasing testosterone to encourage paternal behavior

Like any human being, you will know when a guy is interested in you. He will actively pursue you

And when he does, be straight up with him. Men prefer honesty. Either say yes or no

Like any human being, if he’s not into you, he won’t make an effort to build a relationship with you

Men are not mind readers, so say what’s on your mind in a clear and respectful manner

Men enjoy it when women sometimes take the lead in relationships. Ask him out on a date and pay for dinner once in a while

Because men are humans, they enjoy receiving compliments

Don’t think that they don’t know when you’re faking an orgasm. You’re not doing him a favour by doing that

Men don’t always think about sex and are not always horny

They are happy when you occasionally take the initiative in the bedroom

Men love to cuddle

Men get tired of always being the strong one, and could do with some help at times

Sometimes men don’t want to talk about the day they had because they want to relax and enjoy being loved, not replay the stress and irritation

When you come to a guy with a problem, he will immediately want to fix it because it’s his way of showing that he listened and he cares

Men might not vocalize it as much as women, but they do care about their physical appearance

Men also take breakups badly because they have emotions

They become cry-babies when they’re sick. A blocked nose coupled with sneezing and a fever means the end of the world

Women will never understand why men spar each other on and fist fight to resolve conflict, before moving on with life as if nothing happened. Fascinating really.


*image from Hello Beautiful.

*Dailypost WordPress.


  1. Lol. I must disagree strenuously with your scurrilous assertion that we men are crybabies when ill. I’m sure we’re like women in that regard: some are, some aren’t.

    If you were a guy we’d settle this disagreement with fists!


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