Love oh love… Simple yet complicated because everyone wants a relationship but not everyone is willing to accept the responsibilities of love. By the time you reach 25, you’ll know enough about love to write an entire thesis on both the good and bad about it.


Here are 25 things you’ll learn about relationships by 25, and I hope that by this age, you’ll know that healthy relationships rest on the fundamentals of honest and open communication and commitment.

Love exists, and it’s awesome

You’ll have your heart broken by the time you reach 25

If you go around looking for love, you rarely find the real deal

Love knocks you over the head usually when you’re not looking with the person you least expect

Once you’re in a relationship, you find that the person you’re in love with has been someone you’ve been hoping to spend your life with

You’ll come to understand that being single is actually awesome

You’ll eventually appreciate your singleness even if you feel lonely from time to time

You will fall for an idiot at least once by 25, and they’ll break your heart

You’ll probably be that idiot that goes around breaking hearts

You’ll experience the shock and hurt of break-up excuses from that idiot

And you’ll use some of those break-up excuses to get out of a relationship

You’ll learn to trust your instincts when you meet potential suitors

You’ll make the mistake of settling for less than the best, usually out of desperation or under the guise that you’ll change your lover for the better

And after wasted time and a bruised heart, you’ll learn that settling is bad for you

You’ll learn that intentions are everything and will determine the quality of the relationship

You’ll realize that sex is meaningful

You’ll probably go through the pain and humiliation of being dumped for an ex

And you’ll go through the experience of trying to win your ex back after realizing that you made a mistake by letting them go

Being cheated on sucks, and no one is immune from this experience

You’ll probably be that idiot that goes around cheating

Your friends won’t always give you the best relationship advice

But listen to your mom’s opinion about your partner as a mother’s instincts are usually spot-on

You’ll probably wake up one day and realize that the one you love isn’t the one you’re meant to be with

And if you’re a player, you’ll experience the pain of realizing that the one whose heart you broke was a potential life partner

At 25, a desire of having your own family begins to grow

If you’re in a relationship, enjoy it if it’s healthy and makes you feel good about yourself, and get rid of it if it’s toxic and eating away at your heart. If you’re single, enjoy singlehood to the fullest and take your time before deciding to share your life with someone 🙂

*image from natcom.org.

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