25 Things You’ll Learn About Living in the Big City by 25

Moving to the big city is exciting, but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

At some point, we make the journey to the big city to build a life for ourselves. When you’re fresh out of high school, this journey is incredible as you experience a new place and a vibrant culture. On the flip side, the big move requires you to grow a thick skin and maintain sight of your goals.

Here are 25 things you’ll learn about big city life by 25:


The big city is an exciting yet daunting place to live.

City life is expensive.

You’ll learn to live on a tight budget.

You’ll soon get accustomed to the fast pace of city life.

You’ll be rushing to and fro without a moment to catch your breathe.

You’ll learn to appreciate nature when you’re constantly surrounded by tall buildings and traffic.

Boredom is a thing of the past as there’s always an event to go to or cool places to visit.

When you’re new, big city folk aren’t the friendliest people around.

Materialistic and pretentious people are everywhere, and you’ll learn how to spot them from a mile away.

There’s always an opportunity to meet new people.

You’ll value coffee shops and cool restaurants as they are great for connecting with friends.

You’ll pay an arm and a leg for a bachelor apartment.

You’ll probably have to make use of public transport before being able to buy your own car.

Peak hour traffic will become the unavoidable bane of your existence.

You’ll learn how to drive like a formula one driver, and you’ll honk and shout at anyone who makes silly mistakes on the road.

You’ll make silly mistakes on the road, and you’ll be given dozens of zap signs and honks.

To avoid all of this, you’ll learn to leave home at the crack of dawn and hit the road again after 6pm.

Materialism exists.

You’ll try to attain materialistic markers of success at least once while in the city.

You’ll be bounced out of a nightclub at least once.

You’ll make it into the VIP section of a nightclub at least once.

You’ll learn to buy concert tickets early and to arrive early at the venue.

Sad part about city life is being a victim of crime at least once during your stay.

You’ll learn about security upgrades to your home and parts of the city to stay away from.

You’ll realize that it’s important to never lose sight of your hopes, dreams and goals.


Keep your head up as you find your way in the concrete jungle 🙂


*image from jawbreaker.nyc.

*Dailypost WordPress.

2 thoughts on “25 Things You’ll Learn About Living in the Big City by 25

  1. lol… love your 25 things at 25 topics you have going on. Inspiring me to do a few before i turn 26…

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