It’s so cool to go through a life experience and emerge from it more stronger and wiser than you were before. This wisdom and strength allows you the opportunity to mold your understanding of life into quotes that can help others with their life journey.


Here are 25 quotes that will probably have an impact on your life by 25:

“A piece of paper does not make a marriage” – A person who has had a relationship revelation.

“Enjoy each day that God has given you. It’s another opportunity for you to live His potential for your life” – Someone who just wants to be happy.

“Freedom without a purpose is dangerous” – A person who realized that they need to get their life in order.

“For true romance to exist, one must accommodate for the possibility of rejection” – A scared heart.

“Our identity is critical. If you don’t know who you are, someone else will come and define you” – Someone who found their identity.

“You are a rainbow… not vanilla, but you’re trying to be vanilla because everyone says you must, and as a result, the rainbow is suffering…” – A friend advising another friend.

“Make sure that the world becomes a better place because you existed” – Someone who is departing from this earth after leaving it in a better place.

“Sometimes, you won’t realize the importance of water until the well runs dry…” – Someone with regrets.

“Don’t hate on me because I’m not afraid to go after my dreams while you’re busy chilling in your complacency…” – Someone who is irritated with jealous folk.

“Be your own kind of beautiful” – Someone who is confident.

“Honestly, a bad bra can ruin a good outfit…” – My mirror.

“People who talk a lot are lifesavers for introverts. God bless them” – My mind.

“When you look better with your natural hair than with a weave, take it as a sign” – Someone with a hairy situation.

“What comes first; the chicken or the egg? Well, it depends on what you need… Do you need the chicken or the egg?” – A poultry debater.

“Am I the only 20-something year old who feels like the 20’s have so far been the most confusing time in life?”– Me.

“So it turns out that even at my worst, I still operate at my optimum best” – An optimist.

“Your relationship will be as strong as the foundation you lay on it” – Someone who knows a lot about love.

“Everything begins and ends, whether good or bad. Thank God for that!” – Someone who’s thankful.

“An idle human is the most dangerous…” – Someone who was bored.

“I’m no longer a fan of the phrase ‘I’m hustling’… Sounds like one is an educated beggar hoping for hand-me-downs…” – Someone who decided to take a hold of their mind.

“I may not be perfect, but you should’ve waited… I was worth it”- A heartbroken person.

“Part of the reason that we hold onto things is that we don’t know what to fall back on once we let them go…” – A person who needs to let go of toxic relationships.

“As painful as it is to let you go, it is more painful to keep you in my life… So it’s goodbye” – A person who has had enough of a toxic relationship.

“Let it be known that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees” – Themistocles in ‘300’.

“It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the honour of kings to search it out” – From the movie ‘One Night With The King’.

Enjoy life 🙂

*image from favim.com.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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