25 Things You’ll Learn About Friendships By 25

Friends play a significant roles in our lives.

They keep us connected, giving us a sense of community and providing us with a place to be loved and feel cared for outside of our families.

By the time you reach 25, your friendships will undergo a series of changes because, like anything in life, relationships are constantly evolving.


There are two types of friendships: awesome ones and toxic ones.

Not everyone is meant to be your friend, and you can’t be a friend to everyone.

Awesome friendships bring life, joy and a sense of family.

Toxic friendships bring destruction, hurt and tons of anger and resentment.

Friendships are relationships that you choose to be in.

Like any relationship, friendships can impact the quality of your life.

After a while, your friends become as close as family.

Friends are people you can do life with.

Crazy nights out, coffee days and holidays are always awesome with friends.

Some friendships are seasonal, while other are meant to be for a lifetime.

True friends know each other well.

True friends learn to love and support each other through good and bad times.

Friendships are constantly evolving as people evolve.

Life changes, and people get married, have kids and work takes them all over the world. Keeping the friendship alive in the midst of these changes is a two-way commitment that requires genuine love.

Your friendship circles will be quite small compared to the thousands of friends you had back in college.

You’ll drift apart from some people that you were once close with, not because of animosity, but because you two have outgrown each other.

You’ll form new and meaningful friendships as you grow older.

You’ll experience a bout of jealousy when your bestie befriends someone else and their friendship blooms into what the two of you had.

At first, you’ll be sad about losing friends, but you’ll start to accept it and appreciate the friends that are with you.

Like any relationship, communication is the key to keeping friendships alive and healthy.

A good friend will always tell you the truth even if you get angry or hurt.

They’ll cry with you when you’re upset.

They’ll celebrate your successes with you.

You’ll realize that breaking up with friends is just as traumatic as breaking up with a romantic partner.

You’ll appreciate the friends that you do have a lot more as you become aware of their love for you.


*image from Wetpaint.

*Dailypost WordPress.

10 thoughts on “25 Things You’ll Learn About Friendships By 25

  1. This is so true, it’s amazing how the friends you grow up with who you think will be with you for life can change. But the nice thing is how the people who really matter will always be by your side through thick or thin!

  2. I’m 22, and I don’t have many real friends. Mostly people to hang out with. I’ve been hurt many times till now from many “fake” friends, and I’m afraid to trust new ones. I really hope, one day I will meet some true ones!

  3. This is so true. I had no friends for a while. I got rid of the toxic ones, but that didn’t leave anyone lol. I recently made more friends but making friends as an adult is so hard.

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