25 Things You’ll Realize About High School by 25

When you reach the age of 25 and look back at your teenage years, you begin to wonder how you made it through that tumultuous period in one piece.

A big aspect of surviving adolescence is coming out alive from high school. Put a bunch of hormonal teenagers together in one place for a couple of years, and you’re bound to have a myriad of experiences ranging from great to horrible.


Here are 25 things you’ll realize about high school by 25:

High school is a reflection of the tumultuous period of adolescence.

School started way too early in the morning. No teenager is alert and ready to go at 8am every morning.

You were either a cool kid whom everyone wanted to be around, or that odd and confused teenager who barely made it through the day without being teased.

You did at least one dumb thing in the pursuit of fitting in.

You probably had a bully or worse, you were the bully.

You experienced a lot of firsts in high school.

Peer pressure was real.

Your friends’ opinions were way more important than what your parents had to say.

Cliques were a major deal.

You probably learned how to smoke in the school bathroom.

You were introduced to the life of dating, gossip, partying and alcohol.

You were involved in at least one physical or verbal fight with a friend or a bully.

You were either an A-student, an average student or a “just-pass-so-you-don’t-get-in-trouble-with-your-parents” student.

You’ve been to detention at least once, but hats off to you if you managed to avoid it completely.

Exam period sent your blood pressure through the roof.

Burning the midnight oil for exams was a regular feature of studying.

Failing the term meant dealing with the wrath of your parents.

Homework was way too much.

You either completed homework on the morning it was due or copied from a friend, but hats off to you if your homework was always completed on time.

You either loved or hated being tested on speeches in English class.

Some teachers were great and supportive, while others were like dictators.

Being selected as a prefect, better yet head girl and head boy, was a big deal.

You either a bum who never participated in sports or other extramural activities, or you made an effort to participate in the school’s activities.

Being the school’s sports star earned you respect and popularity.

Your matric farewell was perhaps the most memorable event of your last year of high school.


*image from Pinterest.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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