When you reach the age of 25 and look back at your teenage years, you begin to wonder how you made it through that tumultuous period in one piece.

A big aspect of surviving your teenage years is coming out alive from high school. I’m convinced that high school is a reflection of the craziness of adolescence, and the experience of it is either the best or worst one yet.


Here are 25 things you’ll realize about high school by 25:

As stated earlier, high school reflects the mad house that is adolescence

You were either a cool kid whom everyone wanted to be around, or that odd and confused teenager who barely made it through the day

Fitting in probably meant everything to you *and you did stupid stuff for it*

At some point, you played dumb just to fit in with the cool kids

You probably had a bully

Or, you were that bully that made someone’s life miserable

A lot of “first times” were experienced in high school

These were usually as a result of peer pressure

You probably learned how to smoke in the school bathroom *kick the habit please*

You were introduced to the life of dating, gossip, partying and alcohol

You were either part of a large group of friends or had one or two friends that you hung out with

You were involved in at least one physical or verbal fight with a friend or a bully

You were either an A-student, an average student or a “just-pass-so-you-don’t-get-in-trouble-with-your-parents” student

Maths and science exams sent your blood pressure through the roof

You avoided failing a subject at all costs because failure meant dealing with the wrath of your parents

You sometimes completed your homework on the morning that it was due

And completing your homework meant copying a friend’s work or getting someone else to do it for you

On most occasions, you studied for tests and exams the night before

The only reason you sat in the front section of the classroom was because all the tables at the back were taken

Your teachers were a combination of irritating, awesome, authoritarian and liberal

You hated school uniform, unless if you were fortunate enough to wear jeans and the school’s t-shirt as uniform

Girls had to wear those terrible-looking tunics, and most schools made wearing a blazer compulsory

Boys frequently ironed only the collar and the sleeves of their shirts and covered up the crinkled parts with a pullover jersey

You either played no sports, or you were the school’s star athlete

You enjoyed your matric dance (prom) and it’s probably one of the main highlights of high school experience.

*image from Pinterest.

*Dailypost WordPress.



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