One thing that’s unfortunate about life is that bad days happen. It seems like the older you get, the worse the bad days become.

So when you’re experiencing a bad day, take a moment to scream out loud before continuing with damage control. Here are 25 things you’ll experience during a bad day by 25:

Your alarm will not go off, causing you to wake up late *really… 9:30am?*

Or worse, you’ll wake feeling constipated and sluggish *where art thou fibre*

The geyser will go all wonky on you, forcing you to take a cold shower *in winter*


You won’t have time to eat anything during the day even though you’re super starved

Someone will take your parking space

You’ll accidentally lock your car keys in your car *yep, that still happens*

The phone battery will die *looks for charger in bag*

You’ll realize once it’s dead that you forgot your charger at home *darn!*

You’ll realize that you’ve misplaced your spectacles … *Robin Thicke voice* Blurred lines!

You’ll need cash urgently, but something will be wrong with your ATM card or bank account

You’ll still be hungry and not have a moment to yourself to eat

A bird will poop on your head *there goes the new hairstyle*

You’ll be stuck in traffic

The heel of your stiletto will accidentally break, and you won’t have an extra pair of shoes in the boot of your car

You’ll forget your lip balm at home *dry lips are irritating*

You’ll use the toilet, and upon reaching for the toilet paper, you’ll realize that the roll is finished

You’ll send a mean text to the wrong person

Someone will accidentally bump into you while you’re holding a hot cup of coffee and it’ll spill on your crisp, white shirt

You’ll drive to gym to blow off some steam, only to realize once you get there that you forgot your gym bag at home

Your friend will call you, nagging about relationship problems again *repeats advice while holding down irritation*

Your family will call you dozens of times, trying to twist your arm in doing something for them that you don’t want to do *say no again while holding down your irritation*

It’ll start raining the moment you have to step out for something important

Your car will breakdown, and you’ll realize that your spare wheel is deflated

You’ll log onto Facebook and see people’s happy and perfect life statuses

You’ll go home frustrated and in tears, hoping for a good evening on the couch, only to realize that your last bit of supper went bad in the fridge


*image from Vulture.



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