According to psychologists, we tend to make excuses when we’re trying to protect ourselves from failure and when we lack motivation for work towards a certain goal.

By the time you hit 25, you’ll realize that you tend to make a lot more excuses than when you were in your early 20’s, which is actually quite bad because your 20s are your prime years to set the foundation for the rest of your life.

Here are 25 excuses you’ll probably make by 25:

I don’t have time for gym *gets stuck in traffic for 2 hours*

I don’t have the money to finance a healthy lifestyle plan *eats fast food everyday*

I don’t have time to cook *burns eggs*


“Sorry I’m late boss… Traffic was insane today”! *toyed around with the snooze button earlier this morning*

“I’ve got a doctor’s appointment”… * Monday morning excuse*

“The project failed because s/he didn’t check the reports”. *institutes blame game*

“My computer crashed while I was busy with the assignment” *fails the semester*

“My mom doesn’t like you, so we can’t date” *thanks mom*

“I tried to tell you the truth, but I didn’t want to hurt you”… *yeah right, coward*

“I think we’ll work better as friends”… *adds name to the friendzone list*

“I don’t love you anymore”… *did you ever?*

“Sorry that I didn’t call you back… I ran out of airtime”… *ignores call*

“Text message… What text message? My network was down”… *ignores text message*

“I’ll call you later”… *phone mysteriously loses battery power*

“I’m working late tonight” *gets out of a date*

“I’m experiencing car problems. Can’t make it to work this Monday morning” *parks car in the garage*

“I can’t stay long… Got a meeting in 15 minutes” *yea right*

“I was drunk”… *and behaved badly on purpose*

“I have insomnia ” *we were supposed to meet for dinner*

“The rats ate the food dude… It wasn’t me”! *irritating roommate*

“My mom told me years ago that I shouldn’t share my food… I’m still obeying her orders” *dodges sharing food with roommate*

*credit card declines* “Try it again… Your system must have a problem”… *flooded by debt*

“I don’t have time to read books “… *but I definitely have time to read my social media timeline*

“I didn’t send that tweet… My account was hacked”!

“I accidentally slammed by big toe on a door frame, and as I jumped about in agonizing pain, I accidentally hit my elbow’s funny bone on the wall, causing me to lose my balance, trip over my feet and bash into the ground. As I result, I couldn’t meet you for lunch or call you to cancel our appointment”.

*image from ABC.

*Dailypost WordPress.


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