25 Excuses You’ll Give By 25

According to psychologists, we tend to make excuses when we’re trying to protect ourselves from failure and when we lack motivation for work towards a certain goal.

By the time you hit 25, you’ll realize that you tend to make a lot of excuses, and some of them are just ridiculous:

I don’t have time for gym *gets stuck in traffic for 2 hours*

I can’t afford to eat healthily *eats fast food everyday*

I don’t have time to cook *watches a series marathon*


“Sorry I’m late boss… Traffic was insane today”! *toyed around with the snooze button earlier this morning*

“Sorry boss… Can’t work this weekend, got a funeral to attend” *gets out of overtime work*

“I’ve got a doctor’s appointment”… *ditching work*

“The project failed because s/he didn’t check the reports” *playing the blame game*

“My computer crashed while I was busy with the assignment” *fails the semester*

“My mom doesn’t like you, so we can’t date” *hides behind mom*

“I tried to tell you the truth, but I didn’t want to hurt you”… *yeah right, coward*

“I think we’ll work better as friends”… *uhmm, no*

“You’ve changed. I don’t know who you are anymore”… *silence*

“Sorry I didn’t call you back… It’s just that I was”… *blah blah blah*

“Text message… What text message? *beware the blue tick*

“I’ll call you later”… *phone mysteriously loses battery power*

“I’m working late tonight” *gets out of a date*

“I’m experiencing car problems. Can’t make it to work this Monday morning” *parks car in the garage*

“I can’t stay long… Got a meeting in 15 minutes” *yea right*

“I was drunk”… *and behaved badly on purpose*

“The rats ate the food dude… It wasn’t me”! *irritating roommate*

“My mom told me years ago that I shouldn’t share my food… I’m still obeying her orders” *dodges sharing food with roommate*

*credit card declines* “Try it again… Your system must have a problem”…

“I don’t have time to read books “… *but I definitely have time to read my social media timeline*

“I didn’t send that tweet… My account was hacked!”

“I accidentally slammed by big toe on a door frame, and as I jumped about in agonizing pain, I accidentally hit my elbow’s funny bone on the wall, causing me to lose my balance, trip over my feet and bash into the ground. As I result, I couldn’t meet you for lunch or call you to cancel our appointment”.

*image from ABC.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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