I’ve made through the first quarter of my life!

That means that I have three quarters left to go.

Life might not be easy, but it is awesome.

In the first quarter of my life, I’ve experienced joy, sadness, successes and mistakes, all which were important things to experience as they have helped shape my present outlook on life.

But more interesting is the dynamic, whacky and forever changing and loving mammals that walk this earth called human beings. My social circles, and the broader society in which I find myself, have made for an interesting life experience.

Although life is experienced differently by each individual, there are some things and experiences which we can all nod our heads in agreement to. 25 is a collection of things learned during the first quarter of life.

Lessons learned during the first quarter of my life will remain with me until my departure from this earth. I bet that during the last quarter of my life, while sitting with my descendants and sipping some Rooibos tea (with a dash of honey and a slice of lemon should I want to spoil myself), I’ll recall all my experiences during this foundational phase of my life with much joy and satisfaction of having the opportunity to experience youth.

I will definitely conclude by telling my grandchildren that the first quarter was the best time of my life.


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