When you’re 16, hanging out with the cool kids is on top of your priority list *never-mind the midnight oil you burn to study for a test you forgot about when you were too busy being ‘too cool for school’*

When you’re 21, hanging out at the coolest places with the cool kids and wearing the latest fashion trends is valuable. And making sure that you complete and submit your assignments before the stipulated deadline becomes valuable when you realize that all your partying could cost you the semester.

The only thing that is constant with human beings is change, and the older you grow, the more your ideals change.

You’ll value these 25 things by the time you hit 25:

Your relationship with God


Good friends *and notice how your circle of friends gets smaller as you grow older*

A loving partner *cuddles*


Sleep *not naps after a hectic night on the town*

A double bed *mandatory by 25*

An alarm clock *stay away from the snooze button*

A job *lots of ching-ching is welcome*

A diary or smartphone calendar of all meetings *dashes to a meeting a minute before*

A good and realistic budget

Property *mom waves happily as you leave her driveway*

A car *no more lifts from your buddy*

A good fashion sense *closes wardrobe and goes shopping*

A smart outfit for wedding attendances *you might attend more weddings before your walk down the aisle*

Luggage bags *sings I’m a traveling man!*

A good and reliable hair dresser

A good smartphone

Email and social networks *modern day connectivity*

A clear understanding of text language and emoticon usage * 🙂 *

Vegetation for long periods on the couch

A collection of movies and TV series

Exercise *signs up for gym membership and refuses to step on scale*

Good culinary skills *whistles past take away restaurant*

All round happiness *yay*

*cover image from pcwallart.com.

*DailyPost WordPress.


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