25 Things You’ll Value at 25

When you’re 16, being cool and friends are top priorities.

At 21, being cool is still top mind, coupled with keeping up with trends, your vast social circle and passing the semester.

The things we value change as we get older. By the time you turn 25, these are some of the things you’ll probably hold dear to you:

Spirituality and your relationship with God.


Good friends *and notice how your circle of friends gets smaller as you grow older*

Honesty in relationships.


More than 6 hours of sleep.

A double bed.

More sleeping in on weekends and slightly less crazy night outs.

Multivitamins to keep up with daily demands of life.

A job.

Google calendar for your growing to-do list.

A monthly budget.

Your own apartment.

A car.

Clothing that caters for the office, day and night outs and just chilling at home.

Attending weddings and baby showers.

Proper luggage bags.

A great hair stylist.

The latest smartphone.

Medical aid.

Yearly medical checkups with your doctor.

Sessions with your psychologist.


Less junk food and more greens and lean meat.

Decent culinary skills.

The freedom to succeed, fail and discover more about yourself.


*cover image from pcwallart.com.

*DailyPost WordPress.

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