I admit that I am guilty of wasting time in the office on non-work related stuff.

It usually happens when the only busy thing I hear is the sound of the air conditioner as it keeps me cool. I blame boredom and a lack of deadlines for time wasting, but at times when there are deadlines, procrastination is to blame.


I’d come into the office in the morning, and the first thing that I need is my morning cup of coffee. So I’d take a stroll to the kitchen and take time to make the perfect cup, making sure that the water, coffee and milk are in correct proportion to each other to create the best taste.

Having coffee in the morning helps clear my mind and helps me to prepare for the busy day ahead. I usually sit far from my desk and sip my coffee slowly, enjoying the flavor while thinking about the tasks ahead.

It’s great when a colleague of mine joins in all the caffeine relaxation because we chat about anything under the sun. Usually, chats about relationships come about, and those are pretty long discussions. “Oh you won’t believe what my man did…” … “why are men so…” and my favourite from guys joining in on the conversation – “you know, I don’t understand you women…”.

Before you know it, it’s time to prep for a mid-morning meeting.

So I finish up my coffee, grab my laptop and head to the boardroom.

After the meeting and sending a couple of emails, it’s time for me to dive straight into my lunchbox.

I love lunch time.

There’s a long queue at the microwave in the kitchen because people need to warm up their food. But I don’t mind waiting because I can strike up a non-work related conversation with a colleague.

Instead of going out for lunch and wasting an hour, I decide to sit at my desk and eat.

That way, I’ll be able to spot any emails that come through, and off-course, go through my social media timelines to see what’s happening in the world, and perhaps participate in any entertaining trending topics.

Before I know, I’m glued to my social media timelines, sifting through status updates, trending topics, photos and videos. I have no idea where time went, but I should get started on that report.

But I feel like listening to some music, so I quickly log onto YouTube to listen to my favourite playlist. I decide that I need another cup of coffee, so I click on pause, leave the empty Word document open and get up to take a stroll to the kitchen.

I’m now ready to work on the report, but it’s an hour before knock-off time, and I still have so much to do.

The report, conducting conference calls, replying to all emails, setting up meetings, working on client campaigns… where did the day go?

Oh well, tomorrow is another day 🙂

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*Dailypost WordPress.



  1. It is funny how time seems to escape under you when you are at work. Work places never took under consideration of the human doing the actual work and their needs before expecting what they expect from you and what you can actually give them. -Bruce

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