Life turned out quite differently than I had imagined when I was 16.

According to the calendar I had worked out back then, I should have been super rich, married and a year away from having my first kid by now.


But instead, I’m on my second year of paying taxes, and on my fourth year with my hand on my forehead looking out for so called Mr. Right while drinking cold coffee because I couldn’t afford to fix my kettle.

I realized after finishing my cup of coffee that I could have stuck it in the microwave to warm it up.


I’m glad that I now have a permanent job. It took me four years after graduation and two internships that each lasted a year to get to where I am now.

Being an intern is horrible because you’re no less important than a speck of dust on a desk. Everybody shoves work that they don’t want to do to you, and unfortunately you get paid to do it.

I thought that I’d be a CEO by my mid-20s when I was 16, but instead, I was earning enough money to purchase my monthly bus ticket and a 350ml of orange juice. For the rest the month, it would be tap water all the way; with ice if I wanted to indulge.

I thought I was going to move out of home by the age of 21 when I was 16. I thought that I would move into a luxury apartment with the best furniture and the latest cool home gadgets. I thought I would host the best dinner parties and have endless girls’ night in with my besties.

But for many nights in the last four years since graduation, I’ve been cooking scrumptious dinners… for my parents since I still live with them.

I was on track with moving out of home when I was 21, but student loan debt and silly splurging sent me on a one way trip back to my parents’ house.

I now have to temporarily halt the writing of this post as I have been summoned by my mother to attend to washing dishes.


Cool, dishes done and dusted. Now where was I? Oh yes…

I had a very romantic idea of love when I was 16. My knight in shining armour was meant to whisk me away when I was 24 with tons of roses, love and affection. The knight was meant to blow my mind away with the most romantic proposal, causing me to cry endlessly. I would then excitedly show off my sparkling diamond ring to all of my friends and family.

Instead, douchebags in shining armours are the only ones I’ve encountered thus far.

I never imagined that I’d be stood up by a date, let alone be left to wash dishes at a restaurant due to the date sneaking out before paying for the bill to go and see his girlfriend. And then the liar has the audacity to update his Facebook status with ‘chilling with my honey (tags girlfriend)’.

I did, however, imagine that I would have the freedom to do as I please and make my own decisions when I was 16.

And this has been the best part of adulting.

Nothing beats being in control of your life and having the freedom to choose and figure out who you are. It’s awesome to see the fruits of all your hard work and to enjoy your accomplishments, and the lessons that life teaches you are priceless.

I’m glad that things didn’t turn out as I had imagined because I would be bored to death with my life. The things I can achieve are endless, and there’s a lot more to my life than what means the eye.

*image from www.thecolor.com


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