Who left a foul stench in the women’s bathroom?

I busted the culprit at work who always leaves a stench in the ladies bathrooms that is so bad that flies explode when they come into contact with it.

I never thought the moment would come where I’d catch the culprit red-handed. It was a stinky-sweet moment when I finally busted the infamous mythical creature that sends deadly air pollution into the ladies’ bathroom.

In the three years that I’ve worked at the company, Ms. Stench Monster was nothing more than a mythical creature that proved its existence by leaving a trail of destruction in the ladies’ room.

She was the topic of whispers in the corridors as everyone tried to crack the code on who she could be. Women exiting the ladies’ room were always given the suspicious eye, and with each visitation to the ladies’ came the danger of being gob-smacked by the stench.

I had been feasting on water on the morning of the stink bust, so there came a time when I needed to use the ladies’ room. I was expecting it to be a normal walk in session where I walk into the freshly cleaned ladies’ room with no smelly surprises.

I didn’t know that Ms. Stench Monster was unleashing her foul smelling terror that morning, and it didn’t help that I was pressed and had only two minutes to myself before a meeting. As soon as I opened the door, I was slapped by a carbon-monoxide-meets-a-mixture-of-cow-manure-and- rotting-cabbage that momentarily led to a full body paralysis.

I regained consciousness and headed for the empty cubicle while covering my nose with my shirt and holding my breath as an extra precaution.

While I was trying to wash my hands to the best of my abilities, since holding a shirt over your nose while trying to wash your hands is quite a mission, Ms. Stench Monster came out of the cubicle which should have been declared a danger zone by the toilet police.

She obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the ladies’ room because when she saw me with my shirt halfway up my nose, she was startled and started turning red in the face.

The secret was out.

She was busted, and she knew that there was no escape for her as she frantically looked around the bathroom for a quick exit.


When she realized that there was no escape from the situation, she embarrassingly started making small talk how the cleaning staff needs to add more air fresheners in the ladies’ room to make it smell more fragrant. What was worse was when she laughed awkwardly while saying ‘I had quite a big breakfast you know…’ and then proceeded to dash out of the ladies’ room before I could reply.

I dashed along with her because I was running out of breath.

As soon as I was out of the danger zone, I took deep breaths of fresh oxygen and was ecstatic that I found the stench monster.

Naturally, I revealed my findings to the corridor whisper society, and since then, we’ve teamed up with the cleaning staff to give us a heads-up whenever Ms. Stench Monster enters the ladies’ room.

That way, we’ll avoid the bathroom until the stench clears up, and our noses will live happily ever after.

*image from Meme Generator.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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