Never underestimate the major pain that small inconveniences and accidents can cause to everyday life.

Small inconveniences are really annoying because they have bad timing and can quickly turn a bad day into the worst day of your life.

You will always be attacked by mishaps that cause a pain so enormous that you would want to go running to your mommy so that she could kiss you and make it better.


So there I would be at my desk, rushing to meet assignment deadlines by vigorously organizing all my printed papers so that I can staple them together when I accidentally nick myself in between my index finger and middle finger.

But I don’t notice this horrid paper cut immediately, until I start to feel a burning sensation between my fingers. I look down at my fingers to see what’s happening, and as soon as my brain realizes what just happened, I scream ‘oooouuuuccchhh!’

Paper cuts are excruciating.

The pain even brings the Hulk to tears. Wait until you have to put your hands in hot water or do any hand-needing activities to see how quickly tears stream down your cheeks.

Being stung by a wasp is like being punched and kicked by the Hulk and his buddies for stepping on their white sneakers. I felt as though my life was flashing right before my eyes.

What made it worse was that I was stuck on some mountain because I was hiking when the wasp decided to attack me.

Being left behind by the bus, especially when you’re running late, is the worst thing ever. I would always wish that I was as quick on my feel as Usain Bolt when sprinting for the bus. I would get to the bus stop, only to be greeted by the bus’ exhaust fumes as it rides away, leaving me behind.

I would try to scream “come back”, while waving my hands with all my belongings in the air, but to no avail. During these times, I imagine what Rose from Titanic went through when she was stuck in the cold Atlantic Ocean while clutching to the hands of her beloved Jack, blowing for dear life on the whistle to attract the attention of the lifeguards.

Fortunately for her, it works. Bus drivers in the city have no mercy.

My irritation with modern smartphones is the battery life of handsets that seems to last one second. Once, a prospective employer called me to discuss my future with them, and midway in conversation, my battery decides to die.

Aaaaaaaah!! This is where I wished that I had my portable charger with me, or that I can just place my phone in the sun and it would automatically recharge.

From these experiences, I’ve learned to never underestimate small nicks, cuts and inconveniences. They might be tiny, but the pain and irritation is explosive.

*image sourced from Google.

*Dailypost WordPress.



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