Everyone has things that they find particularly annoying, and I’ve realized that my list of annoyances has grown over the years.

So if you claim to love me, or at least respect me as a fellow human being, please refrain from doing these below things:


Don’t eat my food. Don’t even ask to take something off my plate

Don’t ask to share a water bottle. That’s just nasty

Don’t ask to borrow my clothes or take an clothing item without asking. We’re not kids anymore

Don’t dig in my bags for whatever reason

Don’t make me go shopping with you during the festive season when malls are filled to capacity

Don’t come to my place unannounced. I will ignore you

If you’re visiting me and need to use my toilet, always flush and don’t pee on the seat

If we share a home, contribute to the payment of bills

Don’t come to a braai or a picnic empty-handed. That’s just rude

Please say and write my name correctly. Ask me if you don’t know how to pronounce it or spell it

Don’t include me in an email conversation that I don’t need to be in. It just clogs up my emails

Don’t force a conversation with me when you can see that I’m busy or not interested

Don’t force me to follow you on social media

Don’t be late for appointments. It’s a blatant disregard for my time

Motorists who don’t say “thank you” when you give them way in peak hour traffic are annoying

Don’t drive slow during peak hour traffic, delaying everyone who’s trying to get to work

Don’t use excessive hashtags on your social media posts in an attempt to go viral. Rather have good content

Don’t say “no offense” before you say something offensive

Don’t try to compliment me by saying that I’m pretty for a black girl

Don’t ask to touch my hair

Don’t ask me, “so, what are you?” in your attempt to put me into a racial or cultural category

Don’t ask me if I know so and so from Africa, as if Africa is one, big country and not a continent with 54 different countries and over 1 billion people

Don’t take my spectacles off my face to see their design and lens size *yes there are people that do this*

Don’t get angry if I don’t agree with you

Don’t lie to me, ever.

*image from dashburst.com


2 thoughts on “25 PET PEEVES I’VE GAINED AT 25

  1. Reblogged this on A Cup of Fie and commented:
    hello loves…I am also turning 25 in a bit and I found this interesting…Enjoy! Although I am not sure about the shopping alone part…

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