Humans are always under construction.

It’s actually a very cool thing to see how small, quirky values change over time, and also how the things we thought were important when we were younger become ridiculous when we grow older.

VALUES LIFEIn a nutshell, values are those things you deem as important in your life and standards that you live by. So here are 5 things, besides my relationship with God, my family and friends, that I value right now.


I value coffee a lot. Not only can I have good conversations with friends over a good cup, but I can also run around at maximum speed during the week at work once I’ve had my morning caffeine fix. *high5 to coffee*


I love breakfast with all my heart. It’s the best meal that has ever happened to mankind. Hello cereal… hello coffee… hello eggs with all sorts of additional protein food stuffs… I love you!


My bed is my new found best friend. I love engaging with her for at least 7 hours every day, and for every hour that I’m away from her due to painting the town red (which I now do wearing flat, pointy pumps instead of high heels because I value my feet and not so much a sexy appearance), I weep from extensive tiredness. I can only do this ‘living la vida loca’ life once in a while.

A good smartphone

Life comes to an absolute standstill if I can’t check my emails, go onto social media networks or buy e-books. A good smartphone is a must-have in this new century.


I value the quality time I spend with dumb-bells and my running shoes. I don’t have a lightning-quick metabolism to rely on anymore, as I had when I was 18, so the more I sweat it out in the gym, the leaner and stronger I become. *gives away the slice of red velvet cake*

With all these values in place, life right now is totally awesome 🙂

*this post was inspired by Daily Prompt.

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