Awkward Things That Happen At Fashion Sales

I’m actually not a fan of fashion sales.

From my experience of sales, they bring nothing but mayhem to shoppers who seem to lose all common sense over low priced items. It’s as if fashion sales bring out the animalistic side of humans.


I decided about two years ago that I will not set foot into a store when a sale is happening because I can’t stand the craziness that happens. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve observed about sales over the past few years:

You have to get to stores early

They say that the early bird catches the fattest worm, and at sales, the early shopper catches the most clothes because the earlier you arrive at the sale, the more sale items you have to choose from.

I once went to a sale at around midday, and I literally turned back at the door because there were no items left in the store. The only evidence that was present to prove that there was a sale at the store was empty clothing hangers and a floral scarf on the floor.

A stampede

You better make sure you wear your toughest shoes and know how to push and shove when going to a sale. It’s a clothing jungle out there, and only the strongest survive.

You have to unashamedly grab what you want and walk away quickly before you get into an altercation with the other person who is also gunning for the same item. And make sure that you have your mean face on to scare off anyone who dares to try and grab items from your hand.


Sometimes people fight over items because each party claims that they got it first.

I’ll never forget the day when I witnessed two women beat each other up over the last black dress that was on sale. Their shoes, handbags and weaves were flying all over the place, and the part of the store where they were fighting was completely turned upside down. Eventually, after a long struggle, security managed to peel the women off each other, and none of them got the black dress.

With clothing, all small sizes are sold out

If you wear a common size, such as size 32 and 34 (female sizes) and your shoe size is between 4 and 6 (female sizes), you might as well not go to sales because those sizes are sold out within minutes of the sale being opened to the public.

This is when being normal and regular sucks.

Sales are great for bargains, but the craziness that occurs makes them a bit of a headache. So if you happen to catch a sale, good luck with all the drama.

*image from Telegraph

*Dailypost WordPress.


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