Have you heard of the relationship visa phenomenon that’s taking the love world by storm?

It seems like tons of lovers are asking their partners for this relationship visa, bringing lots of arguments and even break ups to the various love nests.

A relationship visa is asking your partner for permission to do whatever you want to do without them coming along with you, or it could be asking your partner for a separation or a break from the relationship. Overall, it means ‘I want to be on my own for a while and do me without you’, and you apply for it by chatting to your partner timeously about your wanting to be on your own.

RELATIONSHIP VISA LOVE COUPLE ROMANCERelationship visas have pretty much caused uproars in the love world, which makes me wonder why people would want them in the first place. Here’s my hypothesis.

A friend of mine, who’s married with two toddlers, once complained about how she never gets alone time to do things that she wants to do, including going on much needed girls night outs. She said that she’s always home with the kids after work and on weekends while her husband gets to work late at times during the week and hits the parties and sports derby celebrations on weekends. He gets to live his life whereas she only gets to live the mom part of her life.

So occasionally, she applies for a relationship visa, which includes weekend getaways with her friends and weekend festivities where she comes home at 2am.

Therefore, people apply for relationship visas to spend time by themselves and their friends, doing things that they love while leaving all responsibilities at home. I think that in any relationship, both parties need some down time from each other, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

The more disturbing hypothesis of a relationship visa is when someone in the relationship wants a separation. So when they apply for one, they mean that they want a break from the relationship.

Taking breaks from a relationship is a debatable issue because as much as I don’t believe in taking breaks (because you either want to be in a relationship or you don’t), sometimes you have to consider all odds before breaking up with someone. In this case, a relationship visa can be considered.

In another case, a relationship visa means asking for permission to cheat. Some people ask their partners for a short term break so that they can be single for a while and do as they please, meaning seeing other people.

This is where the line gets drawn visibly in the sand because if you know that you’re incapable of being faithful, don’t get into a relationship. A relationship visa then turns into a one way ticket out of the relationship.

Relationships are all about communication, and I think that life would be so much easier if people talked sincerely about their expectations and what they really want out of a relationship instead of tip-toeing around each other and cheating.

If space is what you feel like you need, tell your partner and talk about it. If breaking up is what you’d like, consider all avenues and talk to your partner about it. The confusion arising from relationship visas will thus be eliminated.

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