My favourite part of Idols SA is definitely the wooden mic section.

This is the section of the talent search reality TV show where you get to see what hilarious ‘talent’ is like, and it’s even better when the wooden mic contestants believe with all of their hearts that they can sing, only to be greeted by the reality that they sound worse than a broken record.

My first favourite wooden mic contestant is Nosipho, who sang an opera solo for her Idols SA 2013 audition. The solo sounded like she composed it herself.

Check out the video below:


My second favourite wooden mic contestant, Angelique (or Angelic according to social media) was a hilarious one because she really believed that she could sing. She even released an album before entering Idols SA in 2012.

Check out the video below:

All I have to say is big up to all wooden mic contestants because Idols SA wouldn’t be entertaining without you.

Keep on believing that you can sing, and most importantly, showcase that talent of yours! Lol!



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