I think that it’s about time that we looked at the benefits of granny panties.

Yes granny panties.

GRANNY PANTIES LIFESTYLE UNDERWEAR WOMEN GOOGLE IMAGE BLOG YFMIn case you didn’t know what these are, granny panties are the most unflattering pieces of underwear any woman could wear. They are made out of cotton; they cover the Garden of Eden area of a woman’s body like a prisoner under house arrest and when a woman wears them, she can be assured that panty lines will seep through her skirt or trouser for the entire world to see.

Wearing a granny panty is pretty much underwear suicide because deep down in your heart you know that you’re a fashion disaster and that you’re doing your pelvic area a decorative injustice.

Wearing ugly underwear in general affects your confidence because it’s like you know that you’re being sinful by not fully looking your best, even though no one will see your underwear. The voices in your head constantly tease you and mind-warp you into believing that you look like beast.

But not all is doom and gloom when it comes to the dreaded granny panties because they do have their benefits.

I find that granny panties work well when ‘it’s that time of the month’. During that time, I feel ugly and groggy in any case, so the last thing on my mind is making sure that my underwear looks impeccable for my own pleasure.

And also during ‘the time of the month’, if you’re a woman that prefers sanitary towels over tampons, the last thing you need is a spillage accident because your underwear is too small to adequately fit the sanitary towel and thus making it loose-fitting around the pelvic area because of the large sanitary towel.

Trust me when I say that sanitary towel disasters can completely ruin your day, so wearing granny panties minimizes these disasters greatly.

If you’re a woman that struggles with opening the cookie jar too soon when you meet a good-looking and a smooth-talking Joe, you might want to consider wearing the granny panty more often.

I can’t even undress in front of my girlfriends when wearing a granny panty because it simply looks terrible, so what more in front of a guy who you’re still trying to charm? Granny panties not only kill the heat of the moment when Joe lays his eyes on them, but they kill your seduction confidence and capabilities before you get to the heat of the moment.

So granny panties are a very effective abstinence tool if you’re trying to keep the cookie jar closed.

These are just some of the positives of wearing granny panties, and I guess this also proves that even though they are the most terrible pieces of underwear ever created by humans, women can use them for good.

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