25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

Now that I’m a quarter century old, here are 25 things I’ve learned about life so far:

I’m officially an adult.

There are at least three more quarters left of life to live.

I’m now fully responsible for my own life – no more blaming others for my mishaps.


Life will throw curve-balls and good things will happen. How I deal with both is my choice.

I’m nowhere near being perfect.

I’m beginning to figure out what I want to do with my life, and it feels so good!

I have the ability to create wealth.

But first, I need a stable job,

Which is incredibly difficult to find with zero work experience and an honours degree.

Internships are invaluable.

Part of my initiation into adulthood is student debt.

Managing money doesn’t come naturally. It’s something I had to learn through being broke in the middle of the month and not having mom and dad to fall back on.

Moving out of home is a necessity.

A fast metabolism is no longer on my side.

I prefer staying in or going on dinner dates instead of getting drunk, partying all night and waking up with a massive hangover.

My large group of friends has significantly reduced since graduation 5 years ago.

I’m attending bridal showers, weddings and baby showers almost every weekend.

I realize how expensive medical aid is now that I’ve been kicked off my parents’ medical aid plan.

Hormones are driving me insane! It’s like adolescence all over again.

However, casual dating is exhausting. I feel quite ready for a stable relationship.

Real relationships are almost impossible to find at 25. Sometimes I feel like the only 25-year-old who still values monogamy and marriage.

Choosing a life partner is actually a serious decision. I realize that who I love will have a direct impact on my life.

Heartbreak is a lot more difficult to deal with.

I now understand that my parents did their best and sacrificed a lot to give me a good life.

Experiencing a quarter-life crisis is normal because adulting can be overwhelming, but like all things, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I have started to appreciate all I have and the person that I’m becoming 🙂

*image from weheartit.com.

*Dailypost WordPress.

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