Why do people put a photo of themselves inside their wallet?

I can understand putting a phone number or email address in case the wallet goes missing, but why a photograph of yourself? It’s not like there’s a photo scanner on Facebook that enables you to scan someone’s photo and retrieve information about them.

And besides, isn’t it a tad bit dangerous to think that your photo will go floating around from one creep to another should your wallet go missing? Not that your picture doesn’t float from one creep or another on Facebook or Twitter, but it seems more serious if it’s in your missing wallet.


I have a friend who tried to explain the concept of having a photo inside a wallet to me.

He had his girlfriend’s photo inside his wallet, and when I probed him about it because I thought that it was sweet, he said that his girlfriend bought him the wallet as a birthday gift and put her photo inside the wallet so that he would always remain aware of where home was should he be tempted to cheat.

Now that’s a good enough reason. It’s like being under surveillance, knowing that Big Brother, or in his case Big Girlfriend, is always watching and keeping tabs on the conscience.

Another friend told me that she enjoys opening up her wallet and seeing a picture of herself in it. She says that it reminds her of how beautiful she is. I didn’t quite know if her reason was sweet or arrogant, because this girl is seriously gorgeous and she grew up being the popular girl whom all the jocks wanted and got. She changes her wallet picture ever so often as if it were a social network profile picture, so I guess that it’s just a fun thing for her.

Soon enough, her wallet will have space just above the photo holder to make way for status updates, giving birth to the ‘Facebook wallet’. That would be a cool invention.

What I find really strange is how most people put their high school photo in their wallet. I don’t quite get why they do that because adolescent memories and grown up financial situations don’t quite mix. Or maybe having a high school pic in the wallet brings back good memories of when one’s life was bliss, with tons of money from mommy and daddy to throw around without worrying about financial responsibilities such as debt and rent. It’s kind of like being a baby and being able to poop in your nappy and having someone else (an adult) clean it for you.

But high school photos aren’t that great in any case, especially if the monsters of thick spectacles, disastrous-looking hair and severe acne devoured you for most of your teen years. So why have that photo in your wallet?

I have never put a photo of mine inside my wallet, and I don’t think I ever will. My photos are already everywhere on my social network profiles, and I’m pretty sure that having them in that space is more than enough.

If a ‘Facebook wallet’ is created, where I can update my status and have a profile picture in my wallet, then I’ll gladly go for it.

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  1. Stop hating Lebo, let me tell you the reason why you are not captivated by your photo’s. I mean look at yourself you grew up with a low self esteem because no one was after you and you were not that popular at school.

    1. Hi Boitumelo.. I’m not talking about my photo’s but rather about the concept of putting a photo of yourself in your wallet.. Its just strange…

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