Believe it or not, slender-figured women have become conscious of their bodies.


I’ve always been a slender woman, and as of late, I’ve learned to embrace my figure and love it as it is. I wasn’t always in love with my figure though, mainly because I longed to be a curvy woman with a perky and well-rounded derrière, coupled with a tiny waist and snugly-fitted perky breasts.

I was always made to feel (by both men and women) as though my slender physique was inadequate simply because I didn’t have the celebrated hour-glass figure. It’s as if the hour-glass figure represents a fully-fledged and developed woman in many cultures, while slender women are kicked to the curb for looking boy-ish and lacking the “proper representation” of a fully developed woman.

From this delusional social perception, I’ve concluded that women come in different shapes and sizes, and therefore physique is not the sole determinant of femininity. But before I reached this realization, here’s what I went through:

How do I get a bigger butt and curves?

My girls would gasp with utter shock when I asked this question because they wanted to get rid of their butt and curves, and they thought I was crazy for wanting a butt and curves. I used to be obsessed with gaining more butt and curves that it literally took over my life. I started eating more food because, in my insanity, I thought that overall weight gain would give me an increase in butt and curve size. But instead of getting my dream derrière and curves, I got a massive stomach that made me look like I was 13 months pregnant, wobbly arms and thighs and gigantic cheeks that looked like I was hiding cake in them. I looked and felt like a hippopotamus. Talk about a failed diet plan! I eventually dropped the diet plan and the big butt and curves obsession and got back to exercising and toning up my body.

Would he really like my small curves and butt?

I was constantly listening to my male friends’ chats about women and their preferred female figure, and obviously, the hour-glass figure was the physique of choice. Sometimes during these conversations, while I was hanging out with them, they would tell me how I would never find a man because men in this century are no longer interested in slender woman. At first this didn’t get to me because I thought it was ridiculous, but when my curvy friends got more male attention than me, I started feeling insecure about how I looked, resulting in me trying to eat more to gain more curves. After I returned to my senses, I realized that I can’t live my life based on people’s opinion on what looks beautiful and what doesn’t. Opinions always change (remember how the ultra-thin physique was the new beautiful not so long ago?) and anyway, why should I care about what other people think? I am more than my figure, but also, my figure is beautiful.

So ladies, whether you’re slender or curvy, embrace your own beauty and don’t get bogged down by the stereotypes of what beauty looks like.

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