Beach holidays are the best!

In fact, I prefer beach holidays over safaris or mountain holidays because there’s nothing better than the warm sun, the sound of the waves and the feeling of beach sand between my toes.

I wouldn’t consider myself an extrovert, as studies have shown that those who prefer beach holidays over mountain holidays are more likely to have extroverted personalities, but I would say that living in Johannesburg has something to do with my love for the beach.


I’m surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city with no water in sight, so when I do get the opportunity to go to the beach, I’m simply excited by it.

I love going to the beach during off-peak seasons where I can properly relax and take in the beauty of the ocean. Hearing the sound of the waves and looking at the vast blue sea is therapeutic, almost washing away my anxieties and stresses.

I’m not a fan of cold weather, so whenever I get the chance to feel the warmth of the sun especially during winter, I grab it with both hands. There’s something relaxing and happy about a warm day where everyone’s laughing and having a good time. The beach is the perfect location to be surrounded by such happiness.

You’ll definitely have a love for beach holidays if you’ve gone diving in the Bazaruto Islands of Mozambique and enjoyed sundowners in Mauritius. It’s great to be on an island paradise with friendly people and lots of sunshine, while occasionally escaping from people to explore coral reefs and beautiful marine life, or simply chill out on the beach and enjoy the sigh and sound of it.

So, here’s to the beach holiday lovers! Let’s continue to enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer 🙂

*pic sourced from I Am Beyonce

*Dailypost WordPress.



  1. The beach is my personal oasis too! I’m surprised to learn that typically extraverts like the beach more than introverts, because I love the peace and quiet of the sand and the waves…the solace of the beach invigorates me! Of course, I don’t go with or meet up with any friends when I want the time to myself 😉

    1. I love the peace and quiet of beaches, especially during off-peak seasons. I totally agree with you that the beach and the sound of the waves is invigorating 🙂

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