he knows that if she’s released from life’s imprisonment, she will be an unstoppable power force that will burn on this earth with a fire so bright, that whoever comes into contact with it will be forever changed. But there’s One who’s greater that will ensure her freedom and give her water to quench her thirsty soul.

He will fill the bottomless pit with his love and give her a sense of solidarity for the first time in her life. She has always known that the person caged inside of her is truly who she’s meant to be; and individual full of love, laughter and freedom. And somehow, the dark side of life has taken away her life voice and spirit, forcing her to merely live for survival, thinking that if she ran after her rejectors they would somehow see her and embrace her in their arms. Instead, they continue to chase her away with viciousness so cruel that she becomes devoid of any sense of self and identity.

She has been in survival mode for so long that she doesn’t know what it means to be truly alive. She doesn’t know what love is… not yet anyway. But He promised that He would come and love her, so that’s her only hope. She knows that nothing else will fill her hungry soul and thirsty heart… So she waits and presses in, hoping that her imagination isn’t playing games with her or that He doesn’t bail out on her again.. or at least that’s what it looks like.

She longs for the day when she’s solid in who she is and importantly, knows without a single doubt that she is loved immeasurably… Oh how I long for that day… But the hour is close, and the minute is nearby… It’s just a matter of time…


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