There’s really nothing new under the sun of the life cycle of having a crush on someone. I guess the only thing that could be new is the intensity of your feelings towards the person who’s gotten your heart’s attention.

Sometimes I wish I could take all my emotions and pack them into a neat, little box that can only be opened by the person who I’m meant to be with, and that this person would somehow magically fall straight from Heaven into my arms.

Recently, while going through my diary, I came to understand the life cycle of love emotions and how these escalate and subside over time.

The cycle is quite dramatic, so don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by all the feelings.

The first stage marks the beginning of the love story. You start liking everything about the love subject at hand. Initially, the relationship is a good friendship where you guys really get along and enjoy each other’s company. Suddenly, there’s a point where your friend becomes the main character of your day-dreams, and you start wanting more than just a friendship.

Stage two becomes pretty hectic because then you realize that you like your friend, and so begins the emotional roller-coaster of thinking about them often and wondering if they could potentially feel the same way about you. Your find yourself going through their social media timelines not to stalk but rather to stay up to date with what they’re doing. This is where your mind starts to drive you insane as you start to over-think everything they do and say.

So then you reach stage three where you’re completely messed up in your head and heart. You start feeling awkward around them and the friendship you have with them starts to change. You guys don’t talk and laugh as much anymore, and it seems like everyone around him receives more of his affection and attention than you. This is pretty much the climax phase where you feel like you’re losing them because you’re not getting into a serious relationship with them, and at the same time, you feel like you’re losing the friendship that you had with them.

At stage four, you reveal your true feelings, and they’re either met with joy or rejection. This is quite an intense stage because the nature of the relationship you have with your love interest is changing for better or for worse. If you enter into a relationship with your love interest, then yay because you now have a partner. But if they decline your love offer, the likelihood of ever returning to being friends is low.

You will experience an intense feeling of love where you can’t get enough of your new partner and every day is a bright and sunny day because you’re in love, or you’ll experience the intense misery of rejection, with days being long, gloomy and cold.

You’ll eventually reach stage five where your heart begins to settle as you’ve accepted your situation.You’ll be comfortable in your relationship, and you’ll continue to learn new things about your partner while still enjoying their company. If your love offer was rejected, at this stage, you’ll begin to feel less miserable as the emotional rain clouds start to dissipate and the sun begins to shine again. You’ll no longer be concerned about your ex-love interest, and you’ll wonder why you were so obsessed with them to begin with.

At the end of the cycle, you’ll live happily ever after with your beau or you’ll make countless promises that you’ll never again put yourself in a situation where you like or even love someone so much that they cause you so much emotional harassment… until one quiet and serene night, with regards to the latter, during a getaway with friends, where one very good male buddy unexpectedly pulls you and kisses you tenderly under the stars, and the whole damn cycle repeats itself all over again.

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