Aaaaaaah! I’m so excited because I’m well on my way to mastering the awesomest photographic skill that any woman can have, and that is smizing! Yes ladies, let’s all thank the ever-so-beautiful Tyra Banks for giving us this revolutionary method of ensuring that our photographs always look like we’ve stepped out of a Vogue magazine cover.

So here’s how you do it. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and drop your shoulders down as if you’re relaxing. Then lift your neck up and pretend like someone is pulling string from the top of your head, so it’s a shoulders-up, head-straight kind of posture. Then, put your hand on your tummy and think of something delicious; basically something that you love and that puts a smile in your heart. And then bhaaaam! There goes your smize!

I think one of the biggest benefits of learning how to smize is that you can use it as an added extra when you flirt. And come to think of it, most, if not all, women do it unknowingly when chatting to a fine looking young man who’s charming the butterflies out of their stomachs. You automatically think of him as something edibly-delicious and it shows up in your eyes.

So ladies, let’s get our smize on and perfect this awesome skill. Photographs will never be the same old boring image ever again. Sophisticated sexiness is now the new name of the game.

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