Worst Break Up Excuses

Love is great when things are going well, but when one party decides that they no longer want to be in the relationship, things can get pretty ugly.

I find it weird how people are afraid to tell the truth when they no longer want to be in a relationship. Instead of being honest with their partner, they’ll find all sorts of excuses and do silly things like avoid phone calls and give a cold shoulder.


I’ll zoom in on break-up excuses because over the years, I’ve heard some really ridiculous ones from my own experience with cowardice boyfriends and from people’s experiences.

“I feel like you’re too good for me; you need someone better.”

Talk about classic reverse psychology! This excuse is like receiving a slap in the face followed by a hug. It’s not sweet and it doesn’t make anyone feel better. If anything, it’s actually quite condescending.

“I’m going back to my ex.”

This excuse really cuts deep because it attacks your notion of your self-worth. You start thinking that you’re not good enough as a person because your partner chose someone else over you. The best way to deal with this is to go through the depressive emotions, talk about to someone who’ll understand and believe that there’s nothing wrong with you.

“I love you like a sister.”

Wow, speechless! This is the horrid friend zone that no one wants to be in. When someone gives you this excuse, just walk away and count your losses.

“My mom doesn’t approve of our relationship because she doesn’t like people from your tribal (or racial) group.”

I have a friend who once went through this,and I thought it was quite terrible that someone would stoop so low as to bring out cultural differences as an excuse to end a relationship. Total douche-bag move.

“I’m leaving you because God doesn’t approve of our relationship.”

I hate people who hide behind religion instead of admitting the truth, making God look bad. It’s okay to admit that you’re no longer into someone.

‘I need space’. *crik crik – crik crik* Awkward silence.

More like you need a few minutes to gather your thoughts and tell the truth about what you want!

Moral of the story is that honesty is truly the best policy when it comes to any relationship. Break-ups are already difficult to deal with, so if you need to end a relationship, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be by coming up with the dumbest break-up excuses.

*image from NikkiStyle.

*Dailypost WordPress.

10 thoughts on “Worst Break Up Excuses

  1. So true! You need to just tell the truth. I can see that it is not easy as you don’t want to hurt that person even more but if you lie you will always be caught out sooner or later

  2. Wow, these are some pretty bad excuses. People can be pretty cruel. I’m with you, what is so hard about just saying this isn’t working and moving on. I mean half the time people do more damage when they make excuses over just saying the truth!


  3. I hate excuses in general but these are just the worst. Wish everyone just knew to tell the truth, it’s much easier!!

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