There’s no doubt that dancehall culture is electrifying and energetic.

It’s probably because it’s intensity, especially when it comes to dance and the rhythmic elements of music, is raw and untainted.

Here in Southern Africa, reggae and dancehall culture is mostly underground, drawing in people from South Africa to Malawi. Leading the movement in this part of the world is the organization called African Storm Sound System, headed up by the culture’s veterans Jah Seed and The Admiral.

The organization has been throwing the best reggae and dancehall parties in the region since 1996 every Thursday in Newtown, Johannesburg. A big crowd puller is the dancehall queens competition, where the best dancers battle it out to be crowned dancehall queen.

Most of these girls can definitely give Caribbean girls a run for their money with their intense and sexy moves.

If you don’t believe, check them out in the videos below:


So, big up to the Southern African and the Caribbean massive, and let’s keep dancing and having a blast!

*cover image from Mixcrate.

*Dailypost WordPress.



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