… There’s great joy and freedom like never before and beauty shines radiantly as the early morning sun. I’d advice every woman out there who’s bored to death with their hair or who doesn’t have a hairline anymore to cut their hair.

So this is how my journey with short hair began. I was really frustrated with the lack of growth of my hair and how flat and lifeless it looked, probably because of relaxers that I was using that sucked the life out of it. Then to top the misery off, my hair line decided to hit a disappearing act when I took out the braids that had been on my head for two months, and no amount of anything could bring back my hair line. So I took a very quick drive to my hair designer and told him to snip it all off.

Off course I was deathly afraid, but the end results were fabulous. I felt so beautiful (because I really was) and so liberated as well. Short hair has this amazing way of showing off facial features that you thought never existed and it really does bring your beauty out because it’s just your face, out in the open as it is. I could wake up twenty minutes later than usual in the mornings because there was no pressure to make time for straightening and combing my hair. And what I really love about short hair is that it gives me an opportunity to really be unique. My accessories and outfits just work because my hair style is in its truest simplicity and I just stand in a league of my own because very few girls can pull off the short hair look and still look amazing.

And I must say that Amber Rose is one hot mama who’s rocking the short hair with unique-simplicity and many touches of pizazz with the blonde colour. I tried out the look when I cut my hair late last year, and I’ve never looked back since. It’s a real winner!

What I’ll do with my hair after this… I really have no idea; I guess I’m just living in this moment and enjoying it to the fullest while it lasts. So major bigups to all the ladies rocking short hair because we’re awesome like that! 🙂

*pics sourced from whosay.com/amberrose

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