I must say that as a woman, the body and all things surrounding it has been a site of contestation since puberty took its cause and boobs, hips and butts transcended the biological into the social. I’ve only recently been bombarded with a different perspective to the beauty of the female form which, come to think of it, has always been there, but it seems like our generation has made a huge deal out of it, and that is the curvy body.

I was always under the impression that being thin was the epitome of beauty. I mean, that’s what the media constantly put out as beauty, and even if you go to some specialist clothing stores where funky stuff for glam girls are sold, you’ll find that the designs are better suited for the thin figure. And all women know that the striving for a thin figure is the biggest headache of our lives and it causes us to do many stupid things in the name of dieting or losing weight. Luckily I didn’t go through the whole weight loss fiasco as hectically as my friends did because I always had the thin, boy-ish figure. Looking at my old pictures, I resembled a lollipop with my thin-ness and I was the envy of most girls, but my perception about thin-ness and beauty started to change to the point where I wanted to be a curvy girl because I thought that was beautiful.

I’m convinced that the African type of beauty; in fact the beauty I have always known through my grandmothers, aunts and my own mother which is the curvy body, is beautiful. It breathes a sense of unforced femininity and a real sense of sex appeal and conformability. Now I’m not saying being obese is the way forward because obviously it’s not healthy, and I’m not looking down on girls that are naturally slender, but rather I’m saying that the quest to be thin and embody this stereotype that thin with no curves or bum equals to being sexy and beautiful is overrated.

There’s something extra feminine and sexy about having curves and a bum that has cushion in it; dresses, especially freakem dresses, look ten times better, jeans are given more shape and pizazz and the female form in totality becomes more alluring. I actually went on a healthy quest to gain a bit of curve on my thin figure a while back. Obviously, my girlfriends and my mother were horrified at this quest because I was going against the flow of all things naturally feminine which was weight gain. But I was tired of wearing dresses and jeans that showed off ‘the plank’ when I turned sideways to look at myself in the mirror. And I always thought it to be sexy to give my man something to hold on to and something gorgeous to look at as I walk past him. Now that I have my newly gained curves, I find that I carry myself with more confidence because I feel sexier and more in tune with my femininity.

Being a curvy girl is far more sexy and alluring than looking like you’ve been engaging in a hunger strike since eternity began. Losing weight so that you can fit into a ‘I am thin therefore I am beautiful’ stereotype is so outdated even unrealistic. Women should embrace their curves and keep healthy at the same time, because ultimately, curves are beautiful.

26 thoughts on “CURVY IS BEAUTIFUL

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