Would you believe it if I told you that the last time I used foul language to express myself was in 2002?

I kid you not!

I was in my second year of high school when I realized that my mouth was too foul for my own good and that I needed to change.

This revelation came when I was with my friends during our lunch break and I was busy telling them about a fight I had with my boyfriend, and literally every second word that came out of my mouth was a swear word. I couldn’t believe that my vocabulary consisted mainly of shit, fuck, bitch and m**f**er. It was especially bad because I was exceptional at English and I aspired to be a writer, which meant that something had to change.


So, I started playing around with words and ways of describing things and situations by using metaphors and using the art of storytelling when I was sharing my thoughts with my friends.

I also found replacements for swear words, using words such as “fudge” or “bull spit” to express frustration where necessary.

Moving away from swearing allowed me the opportunity to expand my vocabulary and storytelling abilities, and although some things are better said with swear words, I find that it’s better to use other words and phrases to explain yourself and articulate your message.

So, if you’d like to kick the swearing habit, firstly read a lot to expand your vocabulary, and find creative phrases and words to use to articulate what you want to say.

*image from The Guardian.

*Dailypost WordPress.



  1. Stopping a bad habit is hard. Swearing has been a challenge in my house as well, my husband and I swore a bit depending on conversation but when the kids came along it became a bit more problematic. My then 3 years old made it obvious when he fell down and followed the tumble with a clear and distinct exclamation of the word F*#K! Great post, thanks for sharing.

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