Finally, after a couple of centuries, I got to see the controversial video by Rebecca Black titled ‘Friday’. This song has been labeled by the masses of this world as the worst song ever, and with good reason because I don’t think girlfriend knows how to sing, but hey, who cares about that! Rebecca has trended worldwide on twitter and got more than 167 million views on Youtube for the official video of ‘Friday’. Now if that isn’t instant celebritism, I don’t know what is.

I’m literally LOL’ing at the ridiculousness of the song because the way Rebecca delivers this song, you’d think there’s lyrical content that’s sensibly good, but nope! Girlfriend sings about eating breakfast and deciding which seat she’s going to sit on in her friend’s car, and her mousy voice throws me off as well. But I’m glad Rebecca decided to follow her singing dreams and recorded this song because even though she was heavily criticized by the citizens of the world, she got more views on Youtube (sitting at 167 million views) than the average new comer into the industry (well I believe!). She’s famous now; people know who she is, and because of this video, I bet you she’s going to land herself a major record deal with a major company in no time because in Hollywood, numbers and craziness do the talking and talent is relative. I mean, look at examples such as Justin Bieber. I think he’s more famous for his hairstyle and cheesy ‘baby baby baby oooh’ andHollywoodcalls that talent. So yes, talent is a very relative concept in this modern world of ours.

And I really don’t know why people are criticizing her so much all in the name of releasing a bad song. The song is not even that bad; the hook is really catchy and cheesy, and the girl’s only 14 years old. What else is she supposed to sing about at her age? Boys… Genes in bottles like Christina Aguilera or Hit Me Baby One More Time like Britney Spears? At least she’s a responsible teenager and sings about her innocent weekend escapades with her friends. And I mean its pop music for goodness sake! Since when was pop ever sensible? I dare someone to look me in the eye and tell me that Lady Gaga sings about sensible stuff!

And can we just touch on the 167 million hits on Youtube once again and the worldwide trend she managed to achieve on Twitter after the video did its rounds on Youtube? That’s how you become a celebrity literally overnight in this day and age. The whole point is to get people talking, regardless of whether you making sense or not with whatever you’re presenting to the world. Trending on twitter in itself means you’re important and the world is taking notice of you because that is celeb-ville right there. There are many celebrities who wish they could have had trended when they first came out in the entertainment world, but here comes this nobody with a questionable singing voice, an average ‘girl next door’ and she trends worldwide. As bad as she is, people and businesses who only see dollar signs out of musicians will definitely snap her up and the girl will be balling in no time. How’s that for the ‘worst song ever’?

So at the end of the day in this media industry of ours, craziness sells as much as sex, and if you want the ears, eyes and tweets of the masses, you gotta go crazy or go home. I’m actually inspired by Rebecca, because she’s a clear example of how ‘totally whack’ can manifest into ‘totally famous’. So can all the haters please sit down and leave the girl to sing in her naturally auto-tuned voice. You’ll talk about her in any case and get her trending worldwide all over again.




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