Stand up, slow clap and retweet for the King of Kwaito (although this could be contested today) Arthur Mafokate. The video for the controversial smash-all-the-kwaito-producers-in-SA hit Hlokoloza recently came out, to the excitement of all dancers out there who have been seriously interested in catching on to the real way of doing the dance.

From a dancer’s perspective, this video is the one because it shows you exactly how to do the Hlokoloza, especially in the beginning when Chomee and the other dancers are showing each other how to do it, kind of like a chill-out dance session amongst friends. I found this to be great because I kept going back to that part and learning the moves from there, which I must say, this took a good 20 minutes to learn. The rest of the video shows the other ways of Hlokolozing, which is great if want to learn these different versions to show off to your friends and prove that you can shut it down on the dance floor.

Arthur’s been getting a lot of hate for this track because thousands of other artists, including DJ Cleo and Mindloz claim that he stole the song from them. I guess the truth as it is won’t do its rounds anytime soon, but all I know is that the Hlokoloza track with the most exposure is the one that will get the most love from the streets, especially if it’s accompanied by a super dance video. In Mzansi, you can never go wrong with dancing, because ultimately, people wanna learn the dance, so whoever releases their dance music video first is the one who’ll get more street love. And hate it or love it, but the 999 stable is renowned for having the dopiest dances in the kwaito and dance area of entertainment; they are like the tutors of the latest dances that are taking the youth by storm, so the streets have to give them credit for that and stop hating.

I’ve seen DJ Cleo and Soul T live performing the dance and their version to the song, and I must say they’re pretty sick as well, and have mad energy on stage. But the point still remains; he who releases the music video first and grabs the dancing hearts of the masses is the one who will probably get the most rotation.

So to all the peeps out there who think they can Hlokoloza better, youtube is waiting for your video so that the rest of us can see it. Let’s get dancing people, the Hlokoloza waits for no one; that’s why it moves from artist to artist so quickly, so the moral of the story is: you snooze on Hlokoloza, you lose!

Arthur Mafokate- Hlokoloza

And below is the live performance of Hlokoloza by DJ Cleo, Soul T and the Teddy Bears. The song isn’t so clear but you can check out their version of the dance


  1. Dude, like Hlokoloza is the super new craze, I’m soooo in love with this dance, no matter who does it! But you know that 999 rocks the kwaito dance space!

  2. soult and dj cleo including the teadybers all i can say is that u knw wat u r doing keep on doing it*lindo u r baking it.*

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