There’s nothing worse and more interesting than trying to get to know a person that you’re interested in, just on a normal human level (and sometimes a small crush here and there), but they hardly talk to you but at least they know you exist. I love getting to know people; getting to know what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like and just generally what goes through their heads. And I really do get frustrated when I’m trying to get to know someone (usually a guy) that I find particularly interesting, and they’re not giving me the time of day or I’m too scared to strike up conversation with them because I’m just not used to them like that.

These particular social blocks don’t actually deter me from getting to know my special interest, and the social networking revolution has made it so much easier to get the much needed personal info that sheds some light into who brother-man is and how he lives his life. No one has really put a name to this ‘getting to know your special interest indirectly’, but I really think that these are #stalker tendencies. And the funny thing about these tendencies is that they come like a thief in the night; no one really sits there, for the first few times though, and decides that they’re going to engage in #stalker tendencies, but there are tell-tale signs that show that you’ve got it bad.

Facebook has made #stalking tendencies so much easier, because you can just search your special interest and read his info and look at his pictures. I personally love looking at the pictures because then you get a sense of his social circle; his friends, where he hangs out, what he does with his mates and whether he has a girlfriend or not. You also get to see the kinds of girls he hangs out with just so that you’re well informed on what you’re up against. And Twitter really helps with getting to know what he thinks about and the kind of stuff he likes talking about. Naturally, you invite him as a friend on Facebook and follow him on Twitter just to keep up with what’s happening in his life.

Since you don’t know much about you’re special interest, another #stalker tendency is to ask people that know him well a lot of questions about him, but you don’t just do this blatantly; you weave it into conversation and make it sound normal, like you just generally interested. And you get to find out a lot of interesting stuff, like what cologne he uses, what car he drives, what his favourite drink is and what he was up to over the weekend. And the more you observe the little things, like how he walks and what he likes wearing, you get a pretty nice picture of some of his characteristics.

To show how well you pay attention to detail, you not only know what car your special interest drives, but you know his car registration number off by heart so that you can spot him from a mile away. This #stalker tendency is quite interesting because it’s not really relevant that you know this easy-to-miss detail; it’s just that you’re generally interested in knowing and also, if you work at the same place as your special interest, you get to see if he’s already at work and you just get that kick from knowing that he’s there.

#Stalker tendencies are quite rough because they do occupy a large portion of your thought space, but when you do get the courage to talk to the dude, or better when he starts striking conversation with you because of a warming up aura that brewing, it’s quite a relief because you don’t need to go via the back door to find out about him. And the internal smiles and fluffy hearts that arise from such conversations are quite classic and priceless.

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